It is quite difficult for the fox to find food particularly in winter season, when the snow in deep and spread everywhere. In this situation the prey is hidden in the snow and it is moderately tricky of find the prey for fox. So foxes have created a special method for finding their prey. They mostly use the techniques such as to dive headlong during three feet of snow to discover their hidden prey. Wonderfully, this method gives the great result but only when the fox is facing northeast or southwest.

fox hunting

How young fox hunt in the snow?

1. Red fox has ability to utilize earth’s magnetic field for hunting purpose:

The extremely flexible red fox can be found all through the northern hemisphere and is considered the majority extensive carnivore on the earth. however as it might be ordinary place in a lot of parts of the world, the red fox has an capability that whatever thing other than normal. It has ability to utilize earth’s magnetic field for hunting purpose.

2. Ordinary fox can follow a mole, mice, vole or shrew as of a distance of 25 feet:

You must know that an ordinary fox can follow a mole, mice, vole or shrew as of a distance of 25 feet, which means its foodstuff is creation a hardly capable of being heard crackle sound. as in the air, foxes be capable to regulate their flight outline through shifting their tails, still consequently slightly, to single direction or the other and every this without considering what they are concerning to eat.

3. Red fox can pay attention carefully toward prey and can pick up on little sounds:

A red fox has ability to feed primarily on little rodents and dissimilar to the majority of mammals, they have good hearing capacity. They can hear the very low frequency sounds in an efficient manner. At what time fox is hunting, it can pay attention carefully and can pick up on little sounds. These sounds may include of a vole scampering under 3 feet of snow.

4. Fox can identify the accurate location of animals:

Even at what time foxes observe that its prey is out of view, it can get benefits from its natural abilities and it can identify the accurate location of animals. It next jumps into the air and hit from above, this technique recognized as mousing.

Scientist research about the fox hunting

  • Animals typically pounced in a northwestern way:

But the scientists don’t consider this astonishing ability is due to the reason of fox’s unexpected hearing on your own. Mostly scientists have determined that the animals typically pounced in a northwestern way and they were extra probable to make a kill if they jumped all along this axis still when their prey was out of sight by snow. They have proved this result by two years studying red foxes and they experiential that 84 foxes carry out approximately 600 mousing jumps in the snow.

  • Foxes utilize their responsive hearing capability:

At what time they tried pounced to the northeast, the foxes slay on 73 percent of their assault. If they tried of jumped in the conflicting way, the achievement rate was 60 percent. In all other instructions, only 18 percent of pounces resulted in slay. They supposed the foxes were utilizing their responsive hearing capability and they use earth’s magnetic field to plan their route.

  • Foxes as using the magnetic field the same as a ranger finder:

They also explain the foxes as using the magnetic field the same as a ranger finder. As a fox go after the sound of its hidden prey, it is searching for that sugary mark where the approach of the sound competing the slope of the earth’s magnetic field.

  • Fox is the initial animal identified to utilize a magnetic sense to hunt its prey:

While the fox discover that spot, it may know its exact distance from its prey and can easily estimate accurately how far of jump to grasp it. If the study of scientist is accurate, the red fox is the initial animal identified to utilize a magnetic sense to hunt its prey and the first to employ the earth’s magnetic field to calculate approximately distance.

  • Mostly animals have capability to deciding of position:

A lot of animals such as sharks, aunts, birds and cows have also the ability to sense magnetic fields but they can only use this capability to deciding of position or direction.

  • Red fox could observe a ring of shadow:

Whereas scientist don’t identify for certain that how a fox’s magnetic sense works. The scientist proposes that a red fox could observe a ring of shadow on its retina that dim toward magnetic north. Now similar to a usual shadow, it always comes into view to be the identical distance ahead.


Foxes are very intelligent animals. They also have superpower kind of. Foxes are outstanding hunters and use their days fasting on rats, shrews and voles. They have greater ability to identify their prey as far from the distance. Though, things get a bit complicated at what time winter rolls about. Their victim creates borrowing down into the snow, creating it tricky for foxes to grab their meal. So since foxes cannot slip up on their prey. They option to a method called mousing. This involves jumping through the air, breaking though the snow and the snagging those delicious rats earlier than they run away. It is astonishing to observe, other than is poses an appealing inquiry.


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