Spain is one of the last places that you would automatically think of when it comes to hunting, but you would be very surprised. Spain in fact is becoming much more popular as a place to hunt for mountain goats and over the last decade in particularly, this country has become one of the first places to go when looking to hunt.

When you head to Spain to hunt you need to know the locations to venture out to because not every square inch of the country is ideal for hunting in. The ideal location in this European country is the area of Majorca which believe it or not is steeped in history when it comes to hunting.

Hunt Mountain Goats

The Obstacles You Need to Overcome

Now, the first area we really need to address when hunting in Spain is that you need to be prepared. It’s going to be a challenge to anyone from the beginner to the more advanced hunter because the landscape is going to be completely different to what you are used to back home.

Most hunters that venture to Spain are deer hunters from their native countries where the lay of the land is much different. You need to prepare yourself for rough terrains in Spain’s mountainous areas, tough rocky cliffs and thick forests.

Don’t get us wrong, you will definitely rely on a lot of experience from your hunting career here, it won’t be like you are heading into the complete unknown, but it’s worth noting down that it won’t be exactly the same.

What Can I Hunt for in Spain?

Majorca as we said is the hot spot for hunting, and up in the very high hilltops of this region of Spain you are going to find domestic goats and Balearic Boc. What this essentially means is that these two types of animal breed creating a rare hybrid of goat that can only be found in this area. A treasure trove for hunters!

The main issue here is that because of these hybrids, there is a serious risk of the goat gene people being affected so the hybrid goats need to be removed to prevent any influx in their population. Just like deer hunting you need patience and a lot of time because it can take hours of stalking, and planning out just how you are going to get in that prize winning shot.

Adult males can fetch a weight of between 80-100 kgs, and you will easily be able to identify these males from the females because they are literally double the size., and they tend to roam around in herds so you won’t find one drifting on its own (unless  its injured badly of course).

The Spanish Ibex

We spoke about goats roaming in herds and there is a good reason for this, which does challenge the hunter’s skills. The one main reason is that there are always a few goats that act as a lookout while the others feed, and then the roles are swapped. For hunters this method of roaming makes it particularly hard for them to stalk and line up a shot to kill. But like any hunting excursion it’s all about research and planning so it’s worth following these Ibex to see what daily patterns they perform.

If any Ibex senses danger you will know as they will snort, which is an alert for the herd. At this point the herd will flee from the scene following a leader of the group (usually a dominant male) to some form of safety.

At the present time of writing this there are around 30,000 individual Ibex in Spain so the population is thriving.

Preparing for the Hunt

Some of the things you will need to consider when hunting in the Spanish mountains is the climate (Spain can get very hot) so you will need to take protection from the sun in the form of the appropriate clothing to prevent sun stroke from setting it. You will also need to choose the appropriate footwear to tackle the rocky cliffs and uneven terrain otherwise your hunting experience can be cut short if you wear the wrong type of footwear.

The second thing is that you need to pack well, remember to take your gun and additional ammo, but also take a good hunting knife as these come in handy during several aspects of hunting.

The final point to address is to always make sure you know and learn the local laws when it comes to hunting. Just like the deer hunting laws of the US, you can be fined or even sent to prison if you break any of the rules so always make sure you are aware of what you can and can’t do to make your Spanish Mountain goat hunting is a pleasant one.


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