Choosing an appropriate hunting scope is very important. The hunting scope is used to enlarge or magnify the actual target, for the individual shooting the rifle. This magnification assists in the accuracy in the actual shot. As a hunter the accuracy and precision is utterly important to the hunting experience regardless of whether you are hunting for eating, sport, or trade.

The hunting scope has different characteristics that should be examined when thinking about purchasing like; eye relief, reticle, adjustment, and exit pupils.

buying rifle scope

Looking at Characteristics of Hunting Scope

Understanding the different characteristics of the hunting scope can make the process to purchasing one a little easier.

  1. Eye Relief – This characteristic measures the distance between the eye and the scope that still allows you to see the target clearly through scope. Having a longer eye relief means that you are able to be further away from the scope and still see the target clearly. The longer the eye relief the further away it will allow you, the hunter, to have the rifle further away from you. This can dramatically lessen the risk of recoil damage.
  2. Reticle – This is the fine fibers in the eyepiece on the rifle that give more precision in the ability to see the target. This piece is important depending on your eyesight and making sure that when you look through the eye piece that you are seeing with the precision and clarity needed in being able to get a precise shot at your animal target.
  3. Adjustment – This will assist in adjusting the rifle scope position. This is a piece that attaches to the scope to give the type of flexibility that you may need specifically. It also depends on your style of hunting as to what you will want as an adjustment of the scope.
  4. Exit Pupils–When you change the magnification on the scope that is the adjustment of the exit pupil. The exit pupil is a measuring of the light passing through the scope to your eye. So adjusting this magnification for example will stop the reflection of light in the scope and in your line of sight affecting your shot at the target.

Purchasing Tips

Now having a better understanding of the main characteristics of the hunting scope, you should be able to identify the right rifle for you and your style of hunting and what fits your body and eyes. We will explore some basic tips for actually purchasing the hunting scope. These tips will help you while you shop either online or in the store itself for the hunting scope.

  • What type of rifle will you be mounting the scope onto?
  • What is the maximum range of the rifle you have chosen?
  • Do you know the eye relief of this scope?
  • Will you be able to mount the scope yourself or will you need to have shop do so?
  • Is the scope waterproof and shock proof?
  • Are there settings on the scope for multi magnification?
  • Does the manufacturer have a good rating and warranty program for the scope?
  • Know the distance between the mounting surface and the scope

This is a basic starter list to buying the right hunting scope for your rifle. As a hunter you will begin to know what you want to use and what works best with the rifle that you have or are going to buy. But in the beginning these tips will give you some idea of what type of scope you will be looking for.

Making the Final Decision

Riflescopes come in many different brands, classifications, prices, and sizes. Knowing this make sure you fully go through the tips and answer the questions to make sure your getting what you want and need.

Make sure that if you are unsure that you ask another fellow hunter instead of purchasing something that doesn’t work. If you buy from a rifle shop then take advantage of the professional experience behind the counters and ask lots of questions. Many times you will be able to inspect and look at the hunting scope prior to purchasing it. The worst thing to do is to have a hunting scope with the wrong eye relief or mount that doesn’t work for you. You want to be comfortable and feeling natural with the scope and your rifle.


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