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Looking for the perfect trigger for both your gun and your wallet can be difficult if you don’t know where to look. This review will be a complete and total overview of the RA-140 Rise Armament trigger.

We will be looking at its unique qualities, how it looks compared to other triggers in that price/feature range, and whether or not it’s worth your money.

This is a drop-in trigger, so we will also be looking at the benefits of choosing one of those  compared to a standard trigger. We will also be measuring up the quality to pricing ratio, making sure that you are getting enough decent features for the money you are paying for it.

Another aspect we will be considering is what specific type of shooting this trigger would do best with, so it is important to keep in mind what you will be using it for.

Let’s gets started!

What is the RA-140 Rise Armament Trigger and How Does it Work?

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So let’s get to the nuts, bolts, and springs of this brilliant trigger so that you can see just how much of a difference it will make to your rifle.

With 30 plus years of experience under their belts, you can’t expect anything less than excellence from a Velocity Triggers trigger.

Remember, a trigger is one of the most important components of your rifle, after all, it is the only thing between you and a perfect shot.

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Drop-In Versus Standard Triggers

Not sure if you want a drop-in or standard trigger?

Let’s take a look at the differences between the two systems.

Standard triggers have control groups that consist of several different parts. You have the trigger, trigger spring, hammer, hammer spring, disconnector and disconnector spring.

For the actual installation process, you will have to put together these parts and place them into the lower receiver with two pins.

For mil-spec triggers, these are most commonly standard systems. So these tend to have more availability. They are also considerably cheaper than drop-in units. One other plus side to a standard design is the fact that each individual part can be easily replaced if one breaks.

Drop-in triggers offer completely self-contained fire control groups. Actually setting up and installing these triggers is much simpler because everything is put in together as one piece. You just place them into the rifle and secure them with pins.

Often times you will have an improved trigger pull with these systems, or even adjustable pull weight. Yes, you will generally spend more money on a drop-in trigger system, but the quality and ease of installation can definitely make it worth it for your wallet.

Single-Stage vs. Two-Stage Triggers

Now that we have differentiated between standard and drop-in systems, we should also discuss the benefits of both single-stage and two-stage triggers.

A single-stage system is much more common. Mil-spec triggers are single-stage, as well as the ones in handguns, and a vast majority of the stock systems that come in a gun you purchase new. All this means is that the trigger has one range of motion.

From the second you start to pull the trigger to the moment the bullet is fired-it is all one continuous motion.These systems are a bit simpler and tend to be more affordable as well.

It is also what most shooters tend to be used to already, so it cuts down a lot on any extra training that a two-stage trigger may entail.

As for two-stage triggers, you have two different motions when firing your gun. The first stage is lighter and easier to pull, it is also slightly longer than the second motion. The second one is much stiffer and will take a lot more effort to finish pulling the blade back.

For rapid firing, the two-stage triggers are not as desirable simply because it takes more effort and is not as fast as a single-stage system.

However when using the trigger for slow fire, the increased control your fingers have is a definite, serious advantage. The short break when you reach the trigger’s wall, or the second motion, reduces any sympathetic movement from your hand.

What Makes This Trigger Unique?

As far as unique qualities go, the pricing is something that the RA-140 Rise Armament trigger has going for it.

It’s one of the lowest priced in its range, quality wise and in general for a drop-in system. We will be talking about pricing and how it comes to other models in the next section as well.

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Another unique feature of this product compared to other models from Rise Armament is the curve of the actual blade. It is more curved than other triggers the company offers, like the RA-535.

What this does is provide your hands with guidance for proper placement, making it a great choice for beginners who need to get used to shooting.

It is also a great model for older shooters who have developed bad habits over the years and may need some help changing up their stance for their fingers.


For a drop-in system like this one, typically you would be paying much more than the cost of this trigger. This product will cost you anywhere from $100 to $129.00 brand new, and may be found even cheaper for used models from other retailers.

Generally, when looking at other drop-in triggers, you can expect to pay a little more- a lot of the more popular models are anywhere from $150 to $260 depending on the brand and design you choose. The RA-140 is definitely a steal for what you are paying for it.

Public Perception (Other RA-140 Reviews)

Overall, the general reviews for the system were very positive. We will be providing insight to both the positives and negatives that customers had with this trigger.

amazon review rise armament trigger

Image via Amazon

For the positives, a lot of the reviews, of course, raved about the price. Because this is such a reasonably priced design for the quality of the product, it was something that most reviewers really appreciated and thought to mention in their write-ups of the trigger.

Another quality that buyers appreciated was the fact that the trigger came with anti-roll pins, which is unique to a lot of other systems that are available to purchase.

As for shortcomings, the most frequent complaint we saw was simply that the trigger pull was not exactly true to the 3.5 pounds that Rise Armament promises. 

The negative reviews that mentioned it all stated that it was around five pounds. Other than that, the reviews were very positive.

How it Compares

Another important aspect to this system to consider is how it compares to other triggers. From our research, we have gathered that the RA-140 really holds its own against other products.

To make sure that this is the best product for you to purchase, holding it up against other trigger systems can be a great way to weigh all of your options.

Be sure to consider both what your budget can handle, the qualities that are most important to you as a shooter, as well as what type of shooting this trigger will be used for.

As discussed before, the pricing of this trigger is better than just about any other system on the market right now. You won’t be able to find something else both this cheap and high-quality from other brands.

In this section, we are going to compare this trigger against both other Rise Armament triggers, as well as other brands all together.

The RA-140 Compared to Other Rise Armament Triggers

Rise Armament offers several different trigger systems to compare to the RA-140. The RA-434 is the most similar to it- also offering the 3.5 pound pull weight, and the single-stage, drop-in system like the RA-140.

This system is a little pricier at around $169.00 brand new. The higher price really comes in for the quick reset and low overtravel for more speed.

The RA-140 Compared to Other Brands

Most other brands selling drop-in systems were much more expensive, some hundreds of dollars more. The quality to price ratio for this trigger cannot be beaten.

Another feature that we didn’t see in a lot of other models was the fact that the anti-roll pins came with the trigger.

Overall, this model was comparable to other systems at a much lower price. It may not be quite as smooth as the triggers that would cost you twice as much, but it is great for what you pay for it.

What We Think

We were very impressed with this particular trigger system choice. The RA-140 Rise Armament trigger offers great features that will please both beginners and experienced gun owners alike.

Between the modest price, sleek aesthetics, the curve of the blade, and the countless other features the RA-140 offers, we would definitely recommend this trigger.

We hope that this review was helpful in your search for the best trigger system for your AR-15. If you have used this particular system before, what do you think of the product? If not, is it something you are considering purchasing?

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