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So you own a rifle too, good to hear that but are you using it to the fullest?Interested to know what’s new in the market or what’s the best you can get? Just asking because I’m a hunter and love exploring the options to meet up upcoming challenge in my shooting ventures. I prefer to go for Nikon Prostaff 3-9×40 Black Matte (BDC)-compact sized rifle scope with 3-9x magnification.

Having years of experience in shooting and hunting, I must say it has changed dramatically and still on the go, especially when it comes to a perfect combo of rifles and all accessories. Most importantly, the scope is to be mounted on your much-loved rifle.

So often, I meet people who think that having an awesome rifle would be enough to shoot. Of course, it may be if your target is just few inches away but to earn good experience in long range targets shooting, to relish in fun and satisfaction in that, you and your rifle need a remarkable scope. And this you can have in Nikon Prostaff 3-9×40.

Features of Nikon Prostaff 3-9×40 Black Matte Riflescope (BDC)

Nikon Prostaff 3-9×40 Black Matte (BDC) will never cheat on you. Just go through the specifications below and you will get clear scenario of what it holds for you.

Let me expand what great features this scope possesses due to which I can’t resist adding it to my shooting equipment squad.

  1. Reticle:
    The BDC 150 Reticle provides 50 yard parallax setting with precision. It’s specifically designed for .22 LR where you can enjoy outclass accuracy with confidence. If you are hunter as I am then delight in holding ‘dead-on’ at ranges beyond those previously thought possible.
  2. Magnification:
    3x to 9x versatile magnification range of this rifle scope gives me the flexibility I actually needed for my varying hunting situations.
  3. Multi-coated Optical System:
    It’s fully multi-coated optical system with quality lenses leads in boosting the light transmission up to 98%. Many of similarly priced scopes from other brands lack this feature. But with this scope on your rifle, you will get maximum brightness plus contrast.
  4. Eye-Relief:
    3.6 inches eye-relief of Nikon Prostaff 3-9×40 Black Matte (BDC)appears to be best in work withAR lightweight rifles and recoil cartridges. Even at severe shooting angles it greatly saves shooter’s brow.
  5. Adjustment Turrets:
    With Zero-Reset turrets you can sight-in at fifty yards and lift the spring-loaded adjustment knob tore-arrange the zero quickly by rotating it. This feature is the real time saver.

What Benefits you can enjoy from this scope?


The patented BDC reticle of Nikon Prostaff 3-9×40 Black Matte (BDC) triggered me to get this scope. I was bit skeptical about the hollow circles as reticles. But these unique transparent ballistic circles give me an incredible benefit for long range shots.

I also admire normal sight image for short-range shootings provided by BDC 150 reticle. I found its eye-relief the most consistent and excellent one that I didn’t experience ever before. For me, it’s perfectly suitable for my heavy recoil firearms.

What’s More?

  • For low budget individuals, it’s a perfect scope with incredible features
  • Consistent eye-relief helps in coping with severe shooting angles
  • Glass is crystal clear with excellent light transmission
  • Its large ocular with quick focusing eye piece (+/-4 diopter) brings ease in shooting
  • Lenses multi-coated with anti-reflective compounds offer 98% light transmission
  • Incredibly simple to make zero-reset turrets with its field adjustments dial.
  • Field adjustments can be done easily and simply by dialing-in your subsequent ranges.
  • It provides 1/4 MOA reticle adjustments helpful to maintain ‘zero’ setting despite recoiling.
  • Its parallax free at 100 yards which ultimately gives you optimum accuracy.
  • It’s not only Waterproof and Fogproof but also Shockproof

It offers outclass shooting experience with all these advantages that you may not get in any other rifle scope. At least, I didn’t get much of these from my other scope’s collection. This scope is a complete package for my hunting needs.

Pros and Cons of this product


With what Rifles you can use this scope?

This rifle scope is essentially designed for all automatic to semi-automatic .22 LR RimFire firearms. For instance, AR 15 rifles, American Tactical 522 22 LR Pistol, Browning T-Bolt Composite Target rifle, Ruger 10/22 Carbine Rifle, and Savage 64 Rimfire Rifle.

Tips to remember when using Nikon Prostaff 3-9×40 Black Matte (BDC)

Take into consideration the tips mentioned below to get the most out of your rifle scope use.

  1. Keep it at safe place and out of kids reach
  2. Keep it clean especially the lenses.
  3. Watchfully attach to your rifle and fix perfectly
  4. Don’t use if it is loose for any reason
  5. Keep your eye at proper distance from scope when shooting
  6. Detach from rifle after you are done with shooting
  7. Send it for service regularly or do it yourself; it’s must for scope’s long-life

What customers are saying on Amazon.com?



Nikon Prostaff 3-9×40 Black Matte (BDC) never disappoints me, so recommending you with expertise.Get this simple and affordable scope with crystal clear optics and adjustable focus eyepiece and enjoy supreme performance even in harsh environments.

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