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Located in the tiny town of Orofino, Idaho, Nightforce scopes have been manufactured by Nightforce since 1992. Used all over the world by the military and elite special operations forces, as well as law enforcement agencies, competition shooters, and hardcore hunters, these scopes are among the finest scope available anywhere at any price. Combat soldiers have used them on countless missions where they have provided impeccable high performance, in all conditions including the desert and ice-cold terrain on every inhabited continent.

Nightforce scopes have a long history of pioneering new innovations, supplying the free world with the techniques and technology that make a critical difference while offering solutions to every level of marksman, whether professional or amateur. Nightscope is dedicated to producing exceptional products, individually crafted with painstaking craftsmanship, and a level of detail that can only be described as fanatical. They have a three-word motto when it comes to what they offer the world; “Rugged, Reliable, Repeatable™”.

What You Should Know About Nightforce Scopes

Nightforce Optics are sought after by marksmen from all corners of the globe. Well-known and respected by our soldiers and law enforcement personnel, as well as professionals who shoot or hunt for a living, these people depend on their equipment to not only achieve their objectives, but to survive. When your life is on the line you need equipment solutions you can trust 100%, and when these folks are looking for reliability they can depend on, they turn to Nightforce time after time. The proof of our performance and quality lies in the people who use our optical products.

And for the record, besides the wide global community of marksman and sportsmen who rely on the quality of Nightforce every day in tough situations, it should be noted that there are a number of world record holders who have used our optical products to bag game in hunts and competitions. This sets the stage for Nightforce as the home of champions, and they are quite proud of this distinction.

About the NXS Line of Nightforce Scopes

Nightforce features a special line of scopes, the Nightforce NXS line, and these optical products are some of the toughest and technologically advanced scopes available anywhere. With precision reticle optics, these scopes always furnish exceptionally high performance and withstand even the most brutal and unrelenting punishment. These scopes are manufactured with painstaking attention spent on the details and are manufactured with superior craftsmanship at every turn.

The NXS family of scopes features several models that have a range of different applications. These models run from compact, lightweight scopes to full-size models for more intense purposes. The compact models, such as those scopes with specs of 1-4×24 through 2.5-10×42 are excellent choices for hunting big game on dangerous hunts in the bush. They also are ideal for gunning and running while operating on 3-gun courses, or, for professionals, while on routine patrol. These riflescopes maintain a perfect balance in weight, size, and powers of magnification.

The full-size models in the NXS line also have a lot to offer. The long-range riflescopes such as the 5.5-22×56 are ideal for service professionals, as is the elite 8-32×56, the most powerful scope in the line, and the most extreme. For those in the military who require a small arms solution, the 3.5-15×50 will provide you with exceptional accuracy and precision when in the field.

Materials use in the manufacture of Nightforce NXS scopes include hardened bronze that comprise the components used for erector tube assemblies and adjustment features. Within the optical mounting package, in order to assure that there is zero contact between metal and glass components, a special proprietary bonding agent known as Mil-spec is used.

Reticles manufactured by Nightforce are etched into multi-coated, precision glass. This eliminates breakage and ensures precise, exact alignment. All Nightforce scopes feature illuminated reticles. This assists in the ideal contrast in relation to targets, no matter what the level of ambient light is present.

Is Nightforce Right for You?

If you are a soldier, police officer, professional shooter or avid hunter and you want the best the world has to offer in optical products, you need to seriously think about what Nightforce really offers. World-class products in use by the best marksman in the world, with uncompromising quality and worksmanship, are just the beginning. The sales and service departments at Nightforce are made up of dedicated professionals whose job it is to make sure you have the best experience in the industry.

There also is a return policy in place that will assure you that your order will be not only what you expected but is in 100% good working order when it arrives. With its reputation for excellence and outstanding product line, Nightforce should be the go to source for optical products for any serious professional or sportsman.

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