You may want to hunt near the Missouri river but you are not quite sure about what will happen to you. The big river is known to be cold but you know that duck hunting is highly possible there. Do you think duck hunting will be hard when you do it at the Missouri River? Know some tips so that you can hunt ducks with ease.

Missouri River Duck Hunting

Equipment to Start River Hunting

If you would love to start river hunting, you can have a better chance of being able to hunt with ease if you have all the right equipment. At this point you may be wondering what different equipment you would need to make river hunting possible.

  • Dependable Boat and Motor
    There will be instances when you need to travel from the riverbank to another place where the duck may start coming. You would not want to have a boat that will require you to paddle especially when the motor is not working anymore. There will also be instances when you may have to travel a bit further than usual.
  • Life Vest
    You may not think that this is important but remember that the river will have some places that are a bit wild while there are also some areas wherein you can travel through the waters with ease. You would need a life vest if in case the boat will capsize. You need to make sure that everything is proper.
  • Shotgun
    How will you be able to shoot ducks when you do not have a shotgun with you? You have to remember that searching for the right shotgun will be easy for you. You need to choose the one that you favor the most. Of course when you have a shotgun, you also need to make sure that you will have some shells and bullets that you can use.

Tips to Be Ready for Duck River Hunting

duck hunting

If in case you would like to try duck river hunting, here are some of the tips that you can remember so that it will be easier for you to become ready for the season:

  • Remember to make plans on when you would like to go to the Missouri river in order to hunt. There is a big chance that you cannot plan when the wind is going to be strong so you can create a long plan on when you would like to go duck hunting so that you will not have any issues at all.
  • Make sure that your shotgun is in good condition. You have to remember that when you are duck hunting, your gun will determine (and of course your skills) how successful your duck hunting session is going to be. If in case your gun needs some sprucing up, you can clean it up to make sure that it will be perfect for hunting.
  • Practice your shooting skills. Since you cannot just start duck hunting near the river without trying to shoot well, you can start practicing first. Once you are sure that your skills are good enough, you can continue to plan how you are going to hunt.
  • Know what duck calls you are going to use. You may know various types of duck calls. You would have to know the different duck calls that can be effective for you. You may get to choose a few when you are hunting depending on what you think will be the most effective for you. Before hunting season, you may want to try doing the call at home. You may be surprised with what you will get.
  • Secure the spots where you are going to start hunting. You may think that you can just choose the place where you would like to hunt but this does not work this way. Make sure that you will have the right area for you and you do not need to worry about anything else at all.

Setting Up Your Spot

You have to remember that when you are setting up your decoy, you have to make sure that you will choose the right spot for you. You may want to have a few decoys placed near the patch of land where you are going to start.
Remember that wind direction is crucial. If you are going to be in an area where the wind is going to make it an obstacle to try setting up your spot and effectively hunt for ducks? Choose the right area and you need not worry about this at all.

Find a place wherein you can be kept hidden. The moment that ducks see you, it will be impossible for you to start hunting so make sure that you will be properly concealed. If you would be at flat areas, this can be a harder task but with determination, you can make it possible.

With these tips in mind, duck hunting at Missouri River can be done very easily. Just make sure that you will be patient and you will continue to be determined to hunt  even if there will be days when you will not get anything at all.


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