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Leupold VX-I rifle scope is simply the best in its class. Believe you me, a hunter cannot go wrong with this high-end rifle scope that comes with standard Duplex reticle. For a change, you can get your hands on this scope with Leupold Wide Duplex reticle installed.These are the best reticles I have ever found bringing excellence to most of my shooting applications.

This world-class scope is my ultimate pick for short range shootings to long range big games. It is a well-built durable scope incorporating quality features to deliver optimal results. This modest priced rifle scope is a solid choice for shooters on budget.

Leupold VX-I Rifle Scope comes in two sizes defining two types. These include 3-9x 40mm Duplex Reticle Matte scope and 2-7x 28mm .22 Caliber Rimfire rifle scope.

Features of this Product

Prior to finalize your purchase decision, you should have all details of your preferred hunting equipment in your hand.Key features embedded in this outstanding rifle scope include:

Body and Design:

This lightweight rifle scope is made from aluminum alloy of aircraft quality.It is available in gloss black and matte black finishes. Both are durable and looks good on whatever rifle you mount it on. Its 1” tube easily mounts to most of the riflescope rings and bases. Its eyepiece is lockable.

Fine Duplex Reticle:

Leupold VX-I rifle scopes are usually available with standard Duplex reticle coupled with heavy crosshair. Near the field center, it turns into fine crosshair for better results. This reticle falls fit for most of the hunting applications.You can also opt for Wide Duplex and LR Duplex Reticles. Heavy Duplex Reticle is good option to use with VX-1 Muzzle loader 3-9x40mm riflescope.

Multicoated Optics:

The multicoated lens system of Leupold VX-I rifle scope delivers high brightness and great contrast. The Leupold’s standard optics used in this rifle scope offers precise optical presentation and gives freedom from light glare. Anti-reflective lens coatings provides good light transmission necessary for accurate and speedy target acquisition.

Windage & Elevation Adjustments:

The latest VX-I scopes are available with coin-slot windage/elevation adjustments that are ofmicro-friction type. The calibration marks on windage and elevation dials are in 1/4 MOA (minute of angle) increments.

Benefits of using Leupold VX-I Rifle Scope

Leupold VX-I Rifle Scope


Benefits you will gain from a product make it worthy to buy. Enlisted below are the advantages of using Leupold VX-I rifle scope.

  • This smart and sleek rifle scope is easy to sight in for target acquisition.
  • Harsh summer or dead winter, it is a great scope for target shooting and hunting in all situations.
  • Its rugged construction is simply incredible making it as tough as the Golden Ring riflescopes.
  • The duplex reticle is easy to read and gives highly accurate readings.
  • The flare of multicoated lens from inside out is very well controlled.
  • At all magnification power settings, the scope optics deliver good definition.
  • The 40mm objective is quite generous allowing target acquisition even in dim light.
  • As the magnification changes, there is no significant change is observed in point of impact.
  • The reasonably slim eyepiece allows considerable clearance between bolt knob and thumb.
  • The Leupold’s classic eyepiece fixed in the scope is lockable providing the ease of steady and constant focus.
  • The optical system is multicoated and hence offers exceptional clarity, contrast and brightness.
  • The Leupold VX-I Scope in either size furnishes bright sight image along with crisp edge- to-edge sharpness.
  • It is waterproof, fog proof as well as shockproof hence the optimum choice for all weather and hunting conditions.
  • Only with minimal care you can use this scope for years and it will keep delivering you satisfactory results.
  • If your selected Leupold scope comes with Golden Ring, the company with will either replace or repair the defected part for free. Leupold VX-I Scopes usually comes with this feature, so verify before buying so as to enjoy the full lifelong warranty.

Pros and Cons of this Product


Types of Rifles Leupold VX-I Scope Can Fit

Leupold VX-I rifle scope fits and works the best when mounted on Remington 700, AR-15, and Tikka 270 and Tikka T3 Lite .308.It gives appreciable results when used with Mossberg 100 ATR (.270).

One of my pals used it with Ruger 77 in .280 rem and fell in love with it, and now he never leaves for hunting without this Leupold scope in his kit. This riflescope can also be used with muzzle-loaded rifles, for instance, Thompson Center Arms muzzle loader.

Tips to Follow

For the seamless results, you need to take care of your hunting gadgets. Follow the tips enlisted below and make the most of Leupold VX-I scope.

  • Keep it clean and especially the lens
  • Before using, check if all parts are working
  • Make sure it is perfectly mounted and fixed on rifle
  • Replace the damage part without delay
  • Do not use if any part needs a repair
  • Uncover the lens only when using the scope
  • Keep the scope covered when not in use
  • Pack in box and place away from kids reach

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Leupold VX-I rifle scope is a remarkable gear for the money. With quality features, it will surely furnish you the joy of in credible excellence in performance. I have strong faith in its functionality offering me the outstanding experience every time I use it.

Try your hands on it and it will never let you down. Moreover, Leupold will have your back in form of full lifetime guarantee. It is indeed a fantastic hunting gear offering excellent performance in the field through quality features.


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