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Every hunter knows that next to their rifle. The next most important piece of equipment is their rifle scope. Perhaps that’s why you’re not bringing in the trophy, and you didn’t pick the best rifle scope (think Kahles scopes). You just went for a budget scope thinking you hit the jackpot, but now you are failing to hit the target. Ouch!

Well lucky for you, I’m here to show you one of the best rifle scopes on the planet, the Kahles scope. So get ready to bring in the kill. But first, I think a little education on the importance of rifle scopes is in order.





Kahles K4i 4x30

kahles scopes K624i 6-24X56

Kahles K624i 6-24X56

kahles scopes K624i 6-24X56

Kahles K525i 5-25x56

kahles scopes K525i 5-25x56

Kahles Scopes Review

3 Hot Scopes You Definitely Have to Check Out

As you enter the market for a riflescope, particularly if you are looking at Kahles scopes, here are 3 that you need to set your sights on.

Kahles K4i (4x30)

Kahles K624i 6-24X56

Even though manufacturers are moving away from making fixed power riflescopes. Fixed power riflescopes like the Kahles K4i still have a place in the world of guns. Especially for the beginner hunter as there is no fiddling just before taking a shot. Besides, because of the fewer lenses in a fixed magnification scope, they tend to be brighter. Take the Kahles K4i for example.

The K4i is an aluminum alloy. Built in lightweight 4x30mm fixed magnification prismatic tactical riflescope. Also, with an extra-large exit pupil and 91% light transmission. Furthermore, the Kahles K4i has a precise click adjustment of 1.5cm/100m. Making it easy and quick to set, especially for beginners.

Like most Kahles scopes. The K4i sports a very ergonomic design and robust construction. That can endure any tough situation on the hunting field. For added ease of use. It can be mounted on any rifle as it easily interfaces with a Picatinny rail. Furthermore, uses both screw and quick detach, lever locking rail-grabber designs.

The Kahles K4i is most suitable for beginners and hunters who don’t want to do long range hunting. As it is optimized for rapid target engagement. Especially for medium to short-range targets.





Kahles K624i (6-24x56)

Kahles K624i 6-24X56

One of the best riflescopes ever made by Kahles is the Kahles K624i. This high powered scope has been the favorite for long-range shooters for its great optics, design, ergonomics, and above all, accuracy.

As with most Kahles scopes, Kahles went all out with this scope to make it a scope unlike the others on the market. One such innovative feature on the K624i is the position of the parallax adjustment which is located under the elevation turret.

With the parallax adjustment in this position, it is easy for you to maintain position while using either of your hands to adjust parallax, affording you the speed to acquire multiple targets at different distances.

The Kahles K624i is 15.9” long and 33.5oz heavy, making it light and easy to mount on your rifle. It also features an eye relief of 3.54”, 11.25mils windage and 25.5mils elevation in 0.1mil increments, making it a very accurate long distance riflescope.

Lastly, the Kahles K624i boasts of quality components, rugged construction, and a host of useful features to help you hit more targets than you miss. This is probably the most user-friendly, long-range professional riflescope you can find. But it will set you back a price north of $3000.00, so you best be well prepared for it.





Kahles K525i (5-25x56)

Kahles K525i 5-25x56

For many Kahles fans, and many professional shooters. There was a gaping gap in the Kahles line up of professional scopes, particularly in the 5-25 segment. Thankfully, Kahles has decided to fill that gap with the soon to be available Kahles K525i.

Expected time of release is August 2018. Designed and made to compete with Steiner’s 5-25 and Schmidt & Bender’s 5-25. This new kid on the block is set to make the completion run for their money.

According to the Kahles press release. The K525i is a rugged riflescope whose practical magnification range has been engineered . Also, developed for tactical use and long distances. The aim of producing the K525i is to help ambitious shooters to achieve and break records.

The Kahles K525i, like most Kahles scopes. Has clearly defined and precise clicks and affords exceptional repeat accuracy. This is the scope to save up for as it provides the highest precision. Additionally, reliability, at a price of course approximately $4000 and up.

One of the new features that stand out with the Kahles K525i is the first of its kind “Twist Guard.” The Twist Guard windage is a clever design that features a freely rotating end cover that prevents an accidental movement of the windage.

This simple solution (where has it been all along! Kudos Kahles) not only protects the windage from being shifted accidentally. But it also allows you, the shooter, fast and easy handling of the windage. That without the cumbersome need of “locking” and “unlocking.”

Some of the highlights you can expect from the K525i are:
  • Precise and clearly defined click mechanism 0.1 MIL, MRAD or ¼ MOA
  • Side adjustment left or right
  • Parallax wheel integrated with the elevation turret (patented) 20m – infinity
  • Precise illuminated reticles in first focal plane SKMR3, SKMR, MSR2, Mil4+, MOAK
  • Large adjustment range with 2.9m (E) and 1.3m (W) at 100m
  • Zero Stop

This is one riflescope worth waiting for. After all, it’s a Kahles scope, and with Kahles scopes, you can never miss it.





3 On-Point Reasons Why You Need a Great Riflescope

Perhaps you are new to rifle shooting, and you don’t know what all the fuss and hype concerning riflescopes is. Well, let me give you 3 on-point reasons you should seriously consider getting the best scope for your rifle, despite the heavy price tags.

To Get a Clearer View of Your Target

Contrary to what you may have heard, a scope is not just about “pimping up” your rifle. Sure, they do add that kind of cool look to your rifle, but that is not the purpose a riflescope serves.

The main purpose of a riflescope is to give you a clearer picture of targets that are far away by magnifying the said target. This not only gives you a better shot but eliminates the danger of hitting someone behind the target as you have a better view.

The Ability to Place Precise Shots

Talking about a better shot, a riflescope also allows you to place your shots more accurately than iron sights can. This is because an iron sight covers a great part of the target. Let’s look at a simple example.

At 100 yards, iron sights can cover up to 6” of your target, thereby limiting your abilities to place the perfect shot. With a riflescope, however, at that same 100 yards, only 1/8” of your target will be covered by the crosshairs (or reticles as they are also known).

This allows you to be able to place a better, more precise shot. I know I will explain this more in depth as we go through our Kahles scopes review, but I just have to mention it here. In addition, Kahles scopes have the best reticles of all the sights on the market.

Enhanced Vision Equals More Hunting time

Another great reason for using a scope is that it gives you more time on the hunt. Particularly in the early mornings and late in the day when the sun is not very bright.

This is because scopes make it easier to see in low-light by gathering the available light, whereas metal sights can’t afford you that advantage.

Now that you know why you should get a scope let me explain the numbers you will encounter as I review the Kahles scopes, and any other scope you will look up.

Understanding Your Riflescope

Looking at the specifications. Features, and capabilities of a riflescope without understanding the numbers is aimless. It’s worse than shooting in the dark.

For example, the Kahles K624i is rated 6-24x56. So what do all those numbers mean? Well, let’s just say they highlight the capabilities. Also, limitations of that particular scope. Let’s take a look below.

Power/ Magnification

Usually, a riflescope is expressed in a series of numbers. Such as 6-24x56 (variable scopes) or 4x32 (fixed scopes). The first two numbers. Thus, 6-24, are an indicator of the power of the riflescope.

As, the magnification factor of the riflescope compared to the naked eye. Taking the example of our fixed scope above (4x32), your target will be magnified by a factor of 4. It will be magnified four times and will appear to be four times closer to you than it really is.

But because most scopes made and sold these days are variable. Power scopes like the Kahles scope I mentioned, the Kahles K624i, they will be expressed as 6-24x56. This means the power or magnification factor can vary from a factor of 6 all the way up to 24.


Right, now that you know that you know what the first number(s) on your riflescope mean, let’s decipher the second one. Just so that we keep things in perspective, let’s stick to our Kahles K624i riflescope which is expressed as 6-24x56.

The “56” is the diameter (in millimeters) of the objective lens on the riflescope. Without complicating matters, the objective lens is the big lens that gathers the light. Futhermore, magnifies your object. Also, transmits it to the ocular lens (the one you look through).

Obviously, the higher the number, the bigger the lens, and it can also affect how your scope will sit on your rifle. The amount of weight it will add to your rifle. But is there an advantage to having a big objective lens? Yes, there is actually.

The bigger the objective lens, the brighter and clearer the target image will be. Since the magnification power of the scope will be increased. Now that we have those 2 confusing things out of the way let’s continue with our Kahles scopes review.

Kahles Scopes – Trusted Precision Engineering

If you are looking for a name you can trust when looking for rifle scopes, Kahles is that name. Kahles is the world’s oldest rifle scope manufacturer, and they also make some of the best rifle scopes.

Having produced their Mignon model in 1908. Pioneering the first scopes with O-ring seals to guarantee waterproof construction. They have gone on to perfect the science of riflescope engineering. 

Let’s take a look at 3 of the best Kahles scopes on the market so that you can choose one for yourself.

Kahles Scopes – Precision Engineered Scopes

If you are on the market for the best riflescope to compliment your rifle. Kahles scopes are not to be overlooked. No matter what kind of shooting you do.

You will definitely find a scope that will keep you on target every time you fire your rifle.

Happy hunting.


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