What Is The Best Red Dot Sight For AR 15?

Best red dot sight

Are you looking for a superlative firearm sight? There are range of things you must not overlook or else you will end

up indistress only. Be vigilant about all significant aspects from design to materials, quality and use etc., when browsing to purchase the best red dot sight. The term red dot sight actually describes any non-magnifying illuminated sight (both reflex and holographic) that can be used on air rifles, handguns and shotguns.

From too simple to quite complicated, sights greatly varies from brand to brand. But it’s all you and your needs plus budget that defines what type of sight will suit the best for your shooting quests.

Red dot sights help in increasing accuracy to target and also enhance the shooter’s confidence to aim precisely at the target. With the superior technology red dot sight, you can shoot seamlessly in any weather and lighting situations.

It’s like walking naked on the road if you go out in the field for hunting without a decent sight on your rifle. This is simply because your life will be at high risk if you are not able to see what’s around you and where exactly your target is sited.

Advantages of Red Dot Sight

Red dot sight appears to be the amalgamation of scopes and iron sights. Or you can say it is designed and launched as gap bridging element in between the scopes and iron sights

So many options are out there on the market for red dot sights. But its fact that you will get the one or more depending on your recreational to sports shooting and field hunting requirements.

It’s the features and benefits of anything that make you decide to get it or just overpass for something much better and improved. Red dot sights has its own advantages over other scopes and iron sights. Accordingly, it would be easy for you to buy the best red dot sight rifle scope.

Let’s check out what benefits you can enjoy when using red dot sights for your shooting undertakings.

  1. Fast Target Acquisition:
    These are the best for easy and quick target acquisition. Key reason is that the red dot sights place the reticle and target on virtually the same optical plane. This allows user to have a single point of focus and eventually he can speedily target the object at short to medium ranges. For long range targeting, you can attach additional magnifiers. This advantage of red dot sights makes them popular in speed shooting sports.
  2. Peak Accuracy and Precision:
    Red dot sights help in increasing your accuracy to aim, target and shot by providing the widest field of view. On the whole, these sights support you in raising your confidence level for precise shooting.
  3. Perfectly Weather Resistant:
    These are designed to last through all weather conditions from sunny to rainy, stormy and foggy etc. This is all because of their water and fog resistant nature; together you can call it red dot sights weather resistance attribute.
  4. Awesomely Shock Resistant:
    Being shock-proof means these work perfectly even in heavy recoiling. Heavy recoil intervals can damage your rifle but if you use red dot sights then such chances will be minimum.
  5. Extremely Easy to Use:
    The Red dot sights with varying minutes of angle will allow you to keep your attention on the field of view in front of you and hence you will not miss the shot anyway.
  6. Light-weight and Compact in Size:
    Red dot sights are very much easy to mount on your rifle because of their light weight and compact size. Also, you can handle and carry them without any trouble.
  7. No magnification is a Plus:
    Many of you especially the novice shooters will definitely wonder that how ‘no magnification’ can be an advantage. Answer is simple my friends, you will not have to worry about eye-relief and parallax setting.
  8. Relish in Parallax Free Design:
    Another benefit of these sights is their parallax free design. Its advantage is that you are not required to center the sight because dot follows your eye movement by remaining fixed on the target.
  9. Enjoy Shooting with LongEye-Relief:
    It’s actually the unlimited eye relief provided by red dot sights which benefits you to use it with both eyes open. Eventually, your observation power will be increased and you will be more responsive to your surroundings. It’s the best situation for faster target acquisition with no issues of focus

In a nutshell, the red dot sights are amazingly remarkable because these allow you the fast acquisition and changing targets quickly with peripheral vision use and fast follow-up shots. Furthermore, the best red dot sight will give you shots with much more accuracy.

Top 5 Best Red Dot Sight Reviews

1. Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Riflescope, 1 x 25mm

Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Riflescope, best red dot sight

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Designed by Bushnell, the TRS-25 red dot sight rifle scope has received much acclaim from actual shooters. It’s one of the best red dot sights in terms of quality of materials, reliability and performance. This sight falls right in line with the high quality products in the optics industry

You can easily attach it to picitinny or weaver style rail. 25mm of objective lens is again great for a low profile sight like Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 red dot sight rifle scope, 1x25mm.It also features the3 M.O.A red dot point which is a good size that does not cover up extensive field of view.

The amber-bright coating on the lens facilitates the shooter with high contrast viewing in order to discriminate target from the background.With 3.7oz weight and 2.4 inches length, this sight is compact enough for any sort of usage.
It’s a solid mid-range priced red dot sight that delivers quality results

2. Sightmark Ultra Shot Sight QD Digital Switch

Sightmark Ultra Shot Sight QD Digital Switch, best red dot sight

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From the series of reflex sights, Sightmark Ultra Shot Sight QD Digital Switch will be a remarkable option for your ideal targeting of close-range yet fast-moving targets.

Its most significant feature is quick adjustment of valuable brightness settings. You can do this simply by using the side switch button. This light-weight sight having protective aluminum shield hood, works equally good when attached to shotguns.

Quick detachment, digital switch, four reticle options and extra bright reticle makes it a must-have accessory for your well-stocked shooting arsenal. This versatile sight has infinite eye relief and 105ft field of view at hundred yards.

Overall a good buy, this red dot sight delivers quality results.

3. Sightmark Ultra Shot Reflex Sight

Sightmark Ultra Shot Reflex Sight, best red dot sight

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With this sight on your firearm, you definitely enjoy precise targeting and accurate shooting. I love its multi-reticle feature that provides the shooter four patterns to select any as per his choice. I have mounted it on my picatinny rail so that I can adjust it without any trouble.

Though incredibly light in weight, this Sightmark Ultra Shot Reflex Sight is perfect for shotguns and rifles.It’s one of the Sightmark reflex sights that are fully capable to withstand heavy recoil calibers. Another great feature is besides composite body and metal protective shield is its internal locking system.

It will be a great addition to your shooting accessories collection without the high price tag.

4. Sightmark Ultra Shot Pro Spec Sight NV QD

Sightmark Ultra Shot Pro Spec Sight NV QD, best red dot sight

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You can make good mark in shooting with Sightmark reflex sights. For all my hunting to tactical andcompetition requirements, I usually rely on Sightmark Ultra Shot Pro Spec Sight NV QD for sports shooting.

The world ‘Ultra’ clearly depicts that this sight has everything in ‘plus’ contrasting to other sights produced by Sightmark. Along with durability (withstand heavy recoil calibers), this sight helps greatly to enhance your shooting experience. The best thing is its night vision mode and four reticle patterns provide maximum customization as well as accuracy.

You can also create a co-witnessed riflescope setup by mounting the device in front of a night vision monocular.Its four reticle patterns allow for maximum customization and precision accuracy day or night. Moreover, it has double-pane glass optical system which eliminates the parallax.

The quick-detach mount and Interlock internal locking of the sight makes it an awesome sight to use It holds zero extremely well and hence you need not to continually re-set the sight.

From high quality to cost-effectiveness, this sight furnishes all features for precise shooting.

5. Truglo Red-Dot Tru-Brite Open-Dot Multi Blk Box

Truglo Red Dot Tru Brite Open Dot, best red dot sight

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Truglo Red-Dot Tru-Brite Open-Dot Multi Blk Box is the best red dot sight offering convenient and fast target acquisition. It’s very much easy to use and provides the shooter to choose any of the two reticle colors and four reticle options for precise targeting under any circumstances.

I normally use it on my AR-15 and because it greatly holds the zero even with heavy recoiling.Its adjustment controls are simply matchless. It has 24x34mm window for ultra-fast target achievement.

Anti-reflection coating, parallax free (at 30 yards) and the integrated weaver-style mounting system makes it an excellent sight for true shooting. 3 volt CR2032 battery helps you in using it in field for quite long.

If you are a serious shooter and want to get the job done flawlessly for the price, this red dot sight is surely for you.

You can read more about one of best red dot sight: Vortex StrikeFire 2 Review

How to Choose a best red dot sights for AR 15

Shooters and hunters keep on looking to upgrade their rifle platform and accordingly the accessories to be attached with. Their key focus remains to get something that will lead them to improved accuracy, tighter shot groupings coupled with faster target acquisition.

With wide ranging sights on the market, it’s difficult to select the one that works perfect for you. Allow me to help you discern the factors which you should consider when searching for the best red dot sight for you.

  1. First and foremost thing is to truly understand and figure out your requirements. Whether you need a sight for short to medium and long ranges or you want to get it for recreational to target shooting and hunting projects.
  2. Now according to your needs, you have to select two important things that is dot size and the dot pattern. You must opt for the perfect reticle to avoid any hindrance in accurate shooting.
  3. With the help of dot size you should estimate the range, the basic distance and also the holdover. These are very important factors for faultless shooting.
  4. Better to get sights with integrated batteries for long lasting use and especially in the field. But keep in mind that electronic red dot sights are gaining popularity by every passing day because of their reliability. So, if your pocket allows you can have this type of sight.
  5. You can also buy a sight offering you the co-witnessing facility. It will help you enhancing the shooting experience.
  6. Do not forget to decide on you budget availability.Be careful with your money and get a quality product with bearable price tag.


Replace your iron sights for a notable, dedicated and the best red dot sight available in the market at reasonable price. This will certainly help you by all means and where it really counts.

For extra comfort and support, red dot sight is a great option. However, it appears to be tricky finding the best red dot sight out of the wide spectrum of design and quality on the market. But hopefully this information rich piece of writing will assist you in all ways.

Red Dot Sights Are Must For The Best Survival!

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