Whitetail deer hunting is astonishing of an honored pastime in North Carolina. It is not easy task. It also requires a lot of skill, patience and full concentration toward your task. There are some important tips that are necessary to follow for every hunters in order to have a more enjoyable and creative hunting time. The buyers who want license first time, they should complete a hunter education course. There is no limit of minimum age requirement for hunter education. Hunting in North Carolina, you may require completing a hunter education course at the age of 16 years to obtaining a hunting license.


North Carolina is 2 million acres registered

North Carolina is actually a 2 million acres registered in the N.C. wildlife store commission’s sport land course permit licensed hunters the chance to take sport species not including the need for costly private land leases and hunt society memberships. But prowling community lands for a huge buck approach with it does possess set of obstacle to conquer and setbacks to endure.

Rules and regulation of North Carolina

There are greater opportunities are available of deer hunting in the area of North Carolina. According to the rules and regulation of NC you are not permitted to crop 2 deer in a one day. Under the law of NC, it is required that you should wear thing of clothing that is blaze orange so that this thing can be detectable at 360 degrees.

General hunting tips of North Carolina

Here are some important tips about the hunting is North Carolina that are so important for every hunter who want to get big animal in this area.

1. Accurate knowledge about the best timing of hunting:

Actually hunting is time consuming task so it requires skills and practice. So you should prepare your time schedule of hunt for searching the great bucks. You should have greater knowledge about the accurate timing of day and night time of the year in order to successful hunt in NC. The best season of this purpose is in the fall. You can successful hunt the deer’s is early mornings and afternoon.

2. How many deer can be hunted in any particular area?

You should search the area properly that where the deer are there. There are most important factors that decide the attentiveness of deer in a certain area, mostly lawful factors. There are some yearly limitations about the North Carolina Wildlife commission that how many deer can be hunted in any particular area. A huntsman in North Carolina should stay up with the modification in the law. Usually, Halifax, Northampton, Bertie, Pender, and Wilkes counties are the areas with the highest antlered deer populations.

3. Try to eliminate your smell:

As you hunter you should keep in mind that do not use any kind of odor or scent during your hunting time because deer has very shaped sense so they can easily detect the secants. So you should eliminate the scent. You can use the unscented soap. Your all accessories that you have to use for hunting must free form scent.

4. Deer calls that are very useful techniques for hunters:

The North Carolina has broad woods and it is a great place to put a deer food trap for nomadic deer. Deer’s are always wonder in the wood in looking for easy meal at these traps are a better means for hunters to search the best deer. You should also try the deer calls that are very useful techniques for hunters in order to get success in their task.

Important safety Tips for hunting in North Carolina

There are some safety tips for hunters to get success in the hunting task.

  • Use orange color:
    You should use the orange cap or orange color because this color will make your visible to the other hunters who are also present in the wood. By using this technique you can be avoid form any risk and danger.
  • Shoot down at an angle:
    You should avoid to shoot a rifle standing flat footed on the ground always shoot down at an angle. This will assist to remain you from shooting another hunter.
  • Deer are color blind:
    Know about that where other hunters are present nearby you and avoid shooting toward them. You can use your camo because deer are color blind.
  • Leave your rifle ON safety:
    You should leave your rifle ON safety during your hunting timing until you observe the animal or deer you are hunting for.
  • Carry your cell phone:
    When you are going for hunting alone it is best to for you to carry your cell phone because in the case of any emergency or any dangerous situation, you can call any time for help in this situation.

Location of the hunting

  • You choose the right place that the wind is in your favor or not. You should take care of that blow where deer cannot detect your smell.
  • Search a tree that you have extremely visibility out of. Ensure that you can observe a big area.
  • You can cover that area form where the deer cannot see you.
  • Set your place between bedding areas and watering holes that are greater places. You should not try to go to the bedding area of the animal because they can easily feel your scent.
  • If you want to go near the bedding area of animals, you should keep away yourself from the scent.


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