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Use of telescopic sights on rifles is most famous among hunters. When you mount a new scope on a rifle then you should make sure that the reticle is in level entirely. Focus that scope is secure in the rings and the rings should tightly mounted to the base. When you are ready for shooting the rifle, it is better to bore sight it. Before remove the bolt of the rifle, make sure that your rifle should unload and that the barrel is clear. Then mount the rifle in a protected rest pointing downrange.

Choose to view a target through your barrel

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There are many hunters and shooters who don’t know how to sight in their rifle. When you choose a rifle or new scope, you should have at least bore sighted. Through this way you can bullet to hit the paper properly. In the case of not choosing a bore sighted, you can choose to view a target via your barrel. You should remove the bolt and view a target by looking through the barrel.

Accurate shots on the range and in the field

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If you want to get the accurate shots on the range and in the field, there is only method is to sighting your scope to shoot. Although sighting is a very difficult and long process yet it doesn’t have to be.

Should stand behind the rifle and look through the bore:

You should stand behind the rifle and look through the bore then move your rifle carefully until you cannot centered in your target in the bore. After that don’t move your rifle and adjust the scope so that the reticle centered should on the same target. Now you can turret on the top of the scope next adjust the elevation of the reticle , while the turret on the side regulate the windage. It is most important for the bore sight to be highly exact. It may need to be very close so that the rifle will be on paper at 25 yards in the next step.

It is highly signification to shoot form a stable position:

If you are ready to sighting in your rifle, it is highly signification to shoot form a stable position with lots of support. You can try the particular built rifle rest or sandbags for this purpose. Avoid supporting the rifle with your muscles. You can use a stable object same as sandbag. You should only focus your scope on the target that you are shooting. This approach will give your crystal clear outlook of the target and will create your shooting more easily than ever before. Typically scopes have a dial to focus the lenses that are particularly situated at the end closest to the firearm.

Scope will not hit anywhere near target without sighting:

When you are ready for shooting, scope will not hit anywhere near target without sighting in your scope.  Firstly all process is to bore sight scope by utilizing a bore sight tool which has been designed. Bore sighting is normally a means of aiming rifle bore at the aim points such as spot on the target or bulls eye. The bore sight tool are projecting a laser bean at the aim point the scope and these are easily adjusted with the elevation with windage knobs in order to carry it onto alignment along with projected laser dot that viewing on the paper. You can use the bore sighting at the short distance of 25 yards since it is an almost of the bullet path.

Observe the holes your bullets make in the target:

Once you are ready for shoot and you are in steady position, now fire three shots at the center of your target at 25 yards. In the situation of using the high magnification scope, you can observe the holes your bullets make in the target. After firing at first group, see the target that where you have hit. You can measure form the center to the bull’s eye then adjust your scope according to it.

Focusing zeroing at 100 yards:

When you are focusing zeroing at 100 yards, your windage must be dead on. In the situation of hunting at a comparatively little range then you can make sense to adjust your scope so that the bullets are hitting the bull’s eye at the distance of 100 yards.

Many rifle scopes that have 1/4 MOA adjustments

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There are many rifle scopes that have 1/4 MOA adjustments. The meaning to it is that one click will definitely move the bullet impact a quarter of an inch at 100 yards. In the other words you can make number of clicks at four times such as 16 clicks (1 inch) in order to move the bullet impact the similar distance at 25 yards. Always keep in mind that four clicks are equal to 1” at 100 yards it is not same as 16 like at 25 yards.


However, each rifle is dissimilar with a perfect 100 yards zero difference. When you made your final adjustment, you can fire one last group for the confirmation. If you are hitting the group successfully where you want to hit, you have done your work. A best scope will hold adjustments which you made for long time unless you don’t drop the rifle or something harm your scope. If you are ready to start shooting after bore sighting the rifle, Normally everyone like to shoot initially at 25 yards after it fine tune your zero at extended ranges. There are some people who can use bull’s eye targets successfully.

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