Mostly people consider that there is no such thing as, paintballs cannot fly directly and it is not practical to snipe where as other people has believed that all makers have the same range, the mixture of a high-quality system and a perfect marksman can only strike from long range. If your shoots are being missing and it is become frustrated, you should not mention a serious waste of ammo. If you feel that your paintball gun has loses its accuracy at only 100 feet and you forced it to play dangerously close to your opponents.

Perfect paintball marker those are perfect and accurate

You can use the good paintball marker that are perfect and accurate at long ranges and will permit you to play from secure distances and it give you control of a biggest part of the field. However top sniper paintball rifles are very famous to shoot straighter and farther. You can try the ultimate accurate sniper paintball gun for simple eliminations form distances that will have command the respect of all on the field.

paintball marker

How to find the perfect paintball gun

You can find the best paintball gun that is best fit your need but it is not an easy task, there are some complications are present to take the right decision. There are numerous styles of paintball markers are available in the market, so it confuse you to find the right one for you according to your need. You can select any paintball gun related to your experience level so that you can become escape from any disturbance. You can choose any paintball gun that by doing well researched at the internet and take the completely knowledge about it.

1. Buy accurate barrels:

There are numerous barrels with variety of lengths and materials are available that can significantly increase your accurateness. There are two things that are most important for accuracy paintball and barrel combination.  Most versatile and accurate barrels are available and you can choose by matching the size of your barrel to the paintballs size. Make sure that barrel you have selected has the right threading or not.

2. You can obtain a best paintball match to your barrel:

All paintballs are often known as .68 caliber but all the brands have not exactly the same size there are some variation is present. If your paintballs for shooting is not match to your barrel then you can face some problem such as not shoot in straight or sometime burst in the barrel. the best way to get a perfect bore to paintball match by getting a barrel kit that consist on numerous barrel pieces to match different size of paintballs. Before buying paintballs, you should only pay attention toward its quality because the cheaper paintball have the problem of inconsistencies; this will surely hurts your accuracy. You can purchase the paintballs with the price range from $25 to $75 for 2000 balls. You can also try more expensive paintballs but it is always not guaranteed of accuracy in expensiveness.

3. Consistency can be improved:

If you are facing the problem marker that doesn’t shoot an equal amount of air or CO2, you will not be able to shoot in accurately. In this situation you cannot take help form your best barrel. So consistency can be improved by the usage of a regulator that is available in low and high pressure.  Before deciding about the regulator make sure about is pressure rating that is compatible with the pressure which is needed to operate the marker.

4. Scopes are so impractical in paintball:

A sight is best to get consistently more accurate shots, not a scope. However scopes are so impractical in paintball because it doesn’t fly in straight position. The maximum range of paintballs is to go 200 feet (61.0m) and the other target range is more than 75-100 feet (22.9-30.5m). There are iron sights and red dot sights are present. If you try to snipe your gun, you can gun up in the air higher than your target as the paintballs will fall off after a sure distance.

5. Camouflage is being considered as a significant:

Camouflage is be considered as a significant as the ideal range for a regular player is about such as 50-60 feet(15.2-18.3m), a sniper can be somewhere form 100 feet(30.5m) to about 200 by raise your shot. You can try it at a 40 degree arch.  You can get a ghillie suit if you like it, otherwise you can try local vegetation, bushes, twigs, branches and close them onto you.

6. Improve your performance as a sniper:

You can improve your performance as a sniper; it will become best approach to make your marker more stable particularly it will help when you adjust your marker for the purpose of long shot.


Each paintball marker has a very efficient range. You probably won’t hit them from that range except you have done practice with long balling; anywhere you raise your paintball weapon.  A perfect sniper used in a paintball match can be a game changer. Mostly people disagree that paint balls cannot be fly straightly and snipers are not a sensible approach. But paint balls can fly in very straight position and a perfect player can be highly accurate. You can increase the accuracy and distance of any paintball marker with the right amount of money and time.


  1. Hi,

    Thanks of sharing this nice post. I want to add somethings. If you want the best performing sniper paintball gun, choose one with a rifled barrel. Barrel rifling in paintball guns is very much like what’s used on barrels of actual firearms. These are barrels with tiny grooves inside that reduce resistance and act to guide and glide the paintball for a straighter, farther shooting projectile.

    A sniper paintball rifle or any paintball gun for that matter with a rifled barrel is terrifically more accurate than one without. Thank you…

    Edwina Kay


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