Being able to look after your gun properly can be just as important as using it correctly, in this article we wanted to highlight some of the ways that you should store your gun away when you are using it as well as providing you with some essential safety tips.

A gun is a dangerous piece of equipment, especially the guns of today’s society. With the advancements of technology we see many powerful firearms enter their way onto the market and these need to be treated with utmost respect. A gun can kill, so the safety and storage that surrounds them is paramount if you own one.

The tips we are about to offer you can be used on both rifles and hand guns that many Americans own. The time of leaving a gun on the side without a trigger lock or containers are now behind us as the law focuses on better safety, security and storage methods that are designed to improve gun safety across the country. The best part; these gun safety gadgets can be purchased for as little as $5 if you look in the right places and they will go a long way in keeping your family safe.

Grab yourself a quick coffee and join us in our first inspiration gun safety tip, a trigger lock…

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Invest in a Trigger Lock

Perhaps the biggest talking point here is investing in a trigger lock which won’t cost you any more than $15. It does exactly what it says, in terms of locking the trigger so that the gun can’t be activated, i.e. the gun can’t be fired by mistake. This is more of a tip for older guns as new ones have to carry a trigger lock by law.

There are a couple of locking mechanisms that are used in this instance; the first is a cable that blocks the barrel of the firearm so it cannot be closed. This stops the gun from being loaded or triggered. The other is a shoe clamp that locks around the housing f the trigger and stops the trigger in place stopping it from being pressed back.

Buy Some Static Gun Cases

The second effective safety and storage tip is to keep your gun locked away from anyone when you aren’t using it. This not only works as a safety tip but it also stops the gun from being stolen because it’s locked away in a metallic gun case.

These cases can be as cheap as $25 but can easily rise up to $350 for the high-quality gun cases, these you will find are usually the cases that have advanced technology with them such as fingerprint scanners to open the box so only you have access to the gun, and other electronic push-button activation controls.

Aside from the safety side these kinds of boxes will also preserve your gun from damage and keep them out of easy access if you were unfortunate enough to have an intruder enter your home.

Get Yourself a Cheap Gun Carry Case

If you don’t have the money for a storage case then some soft and hard sided gun cases can be picked up for between $10 and $150 dependent upon the fabric used. Every sporting goods store, or gun hardware store will stock a good range of both soft and hard cases for your gun, from the cheaper cases to the expensive cases designed to protect your gun from any physical damage during transit, from dings to scratches and everything in between.

Don’t expect these to offer much or anything in terms of safety and security though, these are purely storage facilities for you gun and don’t offer any real sturdy platforms to keep your gun safe from children or thieves. However, dependant on the case you might be able to use a luggage lock on the zipper in some instances to secure the gun inside, but this temporary solution can be bypassed by thieves, so it will only be of use to keep children from getting inside the case and pulling out your gun.

Expensive Gun Cabinets

The next type of storage and safety doesn’t come any better than a cabinet for your guns. Usually these can fetch quite high prices with the top quality cabinets reaching as much as $2,500 in some specialised gun stores.

The greatest benefit to these cabinets though, is that they can help keep a number of your guns safe from the small pistols to long rifles you own. The cabinets are usually made out of strong steels so that they cannot be easily cracked open, and because they are stored under a lock and key (with fingerprint scanners on the top range models) these really do provide safety, security and storage all in one unit.

You will have to be a keen shooter to possess one of these though, not because you are best having one if you own numerous rifles and guns, but because of that steep price tag that’s connected with the cabinet.

Federal Laws

Most states in the US now have a law on the safety and storage of hand guns, and although these laws tend to differ by state there is one main law that guns should be locked away when not In use. Not just as a prevention to stop your kids grabbing the gun, but in the event of a home break in the last thing you want is the thief to easily grab hold a firearm and point it towards you.

Therefore, if you own a rifle or hand gun then make sure you are doing your best to keep it safe, secure and stored well. Hopefully the guide we have wrote here for you will help inspire you into becoming more safety orientated with your hand guns, and remember that you don’t have to break the bank as some of the safety prevention gadgets can be purchased for as little as a few bucks making it affordable to be safety conscious.


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