When you decided to go for shooting, air rifle is the best and very easiest way to hunt for rabbit. If you are in UK it the laws that use a less powered air gun for rabbit which is perfect for those peoples who have not get a gun license. There are need high level of skills for the use of low capacity fire arms stalkers. The standard air riles are prohibited in power output to an almost of 12 ft/lb, weather is spring powered or pre charged in spite to caliber. A legal .177 rifle firing with full power and the pellet of 8.5-gr at about 800fps, you can use a .22 air rifle shooting a 16-gr pellet at about 580fbs which is consider as a perfect for shooting a rabbit with a standard ranges up to 35-40 yards.

hunting rabbit

Best pallet choice for hunting:

There are different calibers of pellets are available for air rifles, most hunters like to buy a.177 or a.22 of an inch. Both have their advantages. The pallet a.22 is a best choice for delivers more kinetic power to its target and a.177 pellet is a very lighter for straighter route. It depend at you that which caliber you like to choose. The pellet which you want to use should decide before hunting. Done head pellets are the best choice of mostly hunters for air gun hunting.

Some necessary step for hunting rabbits:

Here are some important tips for hunting rabbits more easily.

  • Decide about accurate gun:
    Before hunting you want to decide about gun which is best for you with all respect such as accuracy, power and affordable etc. there are main types of rifle which are best for hunting, recoiling rifles and pre charged pneumatics. If you decide to buy recoiling rifle, it is powered by a spring that can be compress with gun. On the other hand the pre charged rifles run off compressed air. But both rifles are perfect to trap rabbits with their amazing max power of 11.5ft lbs. you can buy these rifles without a license but there are some laws which are necessary to follow by using these rifles without license.
  • Clothing selection for hunting:
    One very attention able point while hunting which is often ignore by hunter, is the best selection of clothing. It is fact that rabbits don’t have sharp eyesight, but really it is important to use the cloth which can help you to hunt rabbit more suddenly and successfully. Use the woodland style that can easily change your human shape so that rabbit could not consider you a human and don’t run away. So it is good idea if you use gloves, hat and you can also cover your face.  Another important factor is that rabbit has good sense of hearing. You should not use noisy clothes and avoid creating any kind of noise otherwise you will loss the rabbit. It is best to use the cotton clothes because these are not noisy. Other water proof clothes can create some noise. You should not use perfume smell before going for hunting with air rifle. You should not have any kind of soap smell because the rabbits can feel it strange and can run away from your access.
  • Scope with rifle:
    Mostly people use the scope which is available with their gun is not suitable for air rifle hunting and for target shooting. You can use scope with a range from the 3-9 magnification setting is the ideal for hunting. This setting will adjust the scope to light conditions. When you are ready to shoot the rabbit then click to 9x for feasible and convenient shooting.
  • Strong grip at target:
    If you want to shoot at an animal, it is necessary that you should have strong grip at your target. Its demand more and more practices to shoot at a live rabbit. Your target should accurate and perfect. So you should have more practice before hunting rabbit. Before shoot you should keep 50 feet away from the main road. It is great technique to lay down for shot before putting the target. You must take start from the target around 30 yards away. Before shooting adjust your shot and sights, practice to hit the center of your target from 30 yards.
  • Select the popular place for rabbits:
    Before going for shoot you are ready with having air rifle, clothing and good target. Now the next step is to find the finest place which is popular for rabbits. After searching field you should take permission from the land owner’s before hunt. It is best to go for hunting at that time when rabbits feed which is afternoon, before few hours from sunset. It you want clean shot, be careful and steady way to get close and moving very gradually while hunting bunny. If you are at 30 yards of hunting you should move very slow and take some time and be relaxed to focus for making shot. After becoming ready put target behind your eyes and in front of your ears, next take shot at rabbit.
  • Shooting during day or night:
    Another best method of hunting rabbits is lamping which is done at night it has requires the sharp light attached to the scope of a rifle. This technique will help you caught the bunny more easily because its eyes will illuminated and you can easily put a shoot. If you want to do shooting in the day it is more difficult and need more practice.


A hunting rabbit with air rifle is full of fun and joy for hunters. Shoot bunny with an air gun is most popular among many people who are fond of hunting. If you want to hunting you should purchase the air rile of .22or.177 under 12pcf and set the zero your rifle sights. If you are using a telescopic sight then it is greatest to set it to 30 yards.  You should stay moving the sights until hitting the point successfully and must set 5 shots in the space around 10mm, half inch. While focusing at the rabbit do not try to move at this point. Always use the rifle as for zeroing for hunting.


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