clean rifle scopeRifle scopes are the very sophisticated equipments. Multi coated lenses of latest rifle scopes can deliver extraordinary sharpness. For highly performance of Scope it should completely clean. Dirty lenses can become the source of reduction in sharpness and detail of scope. When you use your scope in early morning or in afternoon , levels of light are low during these times and detail can be lost by dusty particles on the front lens mostly at any time when scope is pointed in a way where sun strike the front lens. You can use choose best pop up lens covers such as polar caps from weaver and flip open from butler creek for the safety of scope. Whereas the proper cleaning can increase the life time of your scope as well as helps to prevent your expensive multi coated lens.

Why Should You Clean a Rifle Scope?

While you’re using your rifle scope, you will likely expose the lens to contaminants that shouldn’t be there for a long period of time. Although normal dust and debris won’t damage your lens, other things will.

What NOT to do when cleaning a rifle scope:

  • Use a used handkerchief. There could be additional contaminants on there that you’ll only be adding to your lens, which will then require another cleaning.
  • Use your shirt to wipe off the lens. Shirts aren’t made out of material meant for lenses and could actually scratch the coating.
  • Spray cleaner directly on the lens. This may damage your scope’s seals over time.
  • Use your sleeve to wipe off condensation. With the right prep work, you won’t even have to worry about this.

Purchase the Accurate Screwdriver

It is essential to clean your rifle scope thoroughly and with full of care. The lens of scope should clean from the dust and dirt. For cleaning your rifle you will require to dismount it from the gun. It is linked with screws that remain it mounted perfectly. You can purchase the right screwdriver for your rifle. Most people cannot employ a screwdriver properly that is very big or a tiny or the instruments that is not manufactured for this function. This kind of technique cans decrease the life of your scoop. You can take guidance from manufacture about the using of optical cleansing wipe close on glassy surface to keep it clean.

Important Step for the Cleansing of a Rifle Scope

There are some important steps which are necessary to adopt for cleaning out your rifle scope.

  • Use the ultra brush for the cleaning:

You can start to clean out your rifle by brushing away the dust or dirt from the glassy surface of your scope. You should use a very soft and mild brush same as the ultra brush found in optical cleaning kit. The ultra brush is very safe to use on the surface of glass and multi coated lens. This brush has been manufactured using very soft and flexible fibers. When you use the brush then keep in mind you should avoid from using brush at oily and greasy surface because it will spoil the brush and it will not transferred onto the smooth and glass surface. After using the brush replaced the cap at brush to keep it dry and clean.


  • Use Soft-Tek microfiber cloth for cleansing:

If you want to remove dust or fingerprints from the glass surface, for this purpose the Soft-Tek microfiber cloth is suggested to use. This cloth is extremely safe to use on plastic, multicoated lenses and glass surface. The Soft-Tek cloth is free from chemical effects. The round shaped fibers made of cotton materials that can spread oil and dirt on the surface whereas the fiber in the soft-Tek cloth is available in triangular shape. This is best for cleaning the rifle scope in an efficient manner. This cloth is very thick and can swept up the glass surface very safely whereas instead of leaving any kind of scratch on the sensitive surface of lens. It is very best and perfect for cleaning the shooting glasses or all the sensitive equipments of your rifle. This cloth is washable. You can wash it without the use of bleach or fabric softener.

  • Cleansing of lens surface by dry wad of tissue:

If you want to clean your rifle scope very deeply such as to remove the dried water ,oily, pollen or any kind of spots from the front or back side of lens for this purpose you can use the combination of Premium Grade Lens and Lens-Brite Anti-Fog Liquid cleaner which is extremely best and recommended for the cleansing. The first type Premium Grade Lens cleaning tissue is manufactured by products of peca in Wisconsin and it has got the specification of US government. Lens Brite cleaner is specially recommended for anti-fog action and for outdoor activities. If you want more cleansing, you can use few drops of lens-Brite on a wad of lens cleaning tissue.  You should clean the lens of your scope with full of care by using a circular motion which should start near the center of the lens and move towards the outer edges. You should continue cleansing of lens surface by dry wad of tissue until the cleansing and polishing of surface. Lens-Brite permits to dry perfectly and faster. It removes the dust and oils with smoothly and efficiently. This formula use second wad of dry tissues in order to remove remaining fluid or dust properly from the surface of lens and leave it polished and neat.

What to Keep in Mind

Rifle scopes work in a very efficient and accurate manner if you clean your rifle scope at daily basis. The permanent care and attention can make anything safe and can increase its life. Even a cheap rifle scope can also become perfect with proper need and regular cleanings otherwise it will become useless for you. Therefore all the hunters are properly expert and trained in firearm maintenance especially in maintains of the barrel action clean and functioning. But it is bad that there is very little training is given for caring and cleaning the telescope sights of the rifle scope. Although it should very important yet this part is ignored by mostly people. These modern scopes are very efficient and simple to use. Hunter should pay attention toward the regular cleansing and maintenance of scope. It is truth that any machine, a scope or any kind of equipment will become most reliable and accurate after completely cared for. If you have not cleaned out your scope from many times and it is remaining unclean, this scope can disappoint you. If you use it for hunting defiantly you will miss your target as well as your prey. So it is necessary to pay attention toward the scope and clean it at regular basis for the improvement of rifle scope life as well as its performance.


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