Dresses are just about comfort or usefulness, they are also meant to project you as a man. Clothing is also about style and fashion, and these days wherever you go you are judged primarily based on the dress and the accessories that you adorn. It has been said that clothes make a man, and in our era it is true like never before. So next time whenever you stand before the mirror, ensure to check that you are rightly dressed for the occasion. The type of clothe that you wear tells a lot about your personality. If you are always casually dressed, it might indicate that you take everything casually. May be you might not be willing to invest in different types of dresses for all occasions, but believe us, it would be the best investment. One should dress in accordance to the dress and style that is in trend. This will ensure that you are not left out or are treated as an outsider or a novice in public gatherings.

People often think that shooting expeditions or hunting parties are just about showing their skills at hunting. However, that fact remains that like every sport a hunting expedition is also about socializing, working in a team and socialising. So, a good hunter always dresses in accordance to the trend and need of the sport. When you are out for hunting, you may be exposed to various types of different climatic conditions or may be required to do some tasks which you generally don’t do. Thus being rightly dressed will also give you confidence and ensure that you socialize well and by the time you return from your hunting expedition you come with lots of good memories and new friends. Of course more of it depends on your social skills, but nevertheless your dresses also matter. In short your dress is also a part of your socializing mannerism.

shooting clothing

Certain things which you must keep in mind while choosing your clothes

  • Know your hunting ground and dress accordingly: It is important to understand before hand the kind of weather or climate you will be in during your hunting expedition or shooting parties. For this know well in advance about the place you will be hunting. It will be good if you check the local forecast of the area you are to visit in advance and plan accordingly. If you are to visit a marshy place or a cooler climate prepare well in advance. In cool weathers you will need hunting gloves, jackets, good trousers, eye protection accessories, etc. Knowing thus the climate you will be in will help you choose your dress in a wisely manner.
  • Focus on protecting yourself well and maintain the style: These days the market is full of dresses and accessories which are meant exclusively for shooting or hunting. In such cases you might feel confused about what to pick up for your hunting party. The thumb rule that should be followed is choosing something which is comfortable in first place and is also stylish. There are various hunting attires which suit both the purpose very well. Ensure that you have good pair of earplugs, eye wear, hat, shirt, shooting vest or coat, bag, shocks with garter, and a good pair of boots. Whatever, you wear ensure that you feel confident in it and are well protected.

After you consider these and are finally to buy something:

  • The hunting coat: Most of the hunting grounds are damp and colder. Moreover, you never know when it might rain. So while choosing the hunting jackets buy the one which keeps your warm and is water proof. It is also important to make sure that the jacket has enough movement and does not hinder with your shooting style. You must also consider the strength of the fabric. It must be durable. Also ensure that your hunting jacket has extra deep pockets to keep your cartridges. You may also consider buying a three piece tweed suit for formal shooting parties. You can add a tie if you wish to, in order to maintain the style.
  • Choosing the trousers: A good hunting trouser will ensure that no matter what you are always ready to make that extra move quick enough if required. You can consider wearing tweed breeks, formal trousers or mole shin trousers.
  • Socks/ Stockings: This is one of the crucial things to consider. A pair of socks or stockings which keep on falling can be a big hindrance to maintain concentration or focus. So opt for the longer stockings with garters to hold them in position.
  • Boots or Shoes: While buying your hunting boots or a pair of shoes, ensure that you buy something you are comfortable with and the one which can be worn in all kinds of terrains. The best will be the boots with good ankle support and firm grip. Also keep in mind that your hunting boot is not much heavy. Keep it so that you are comfortable walking long distances if required. A good hunting boots is the basic requirement of any hunting expedition, never compromise with it.
  • Choosing accessories: Safety is the first priority on any hunting expedition. So ensure that you have all the required accessories which keep you safe. In hunting grounds where lots of firing is expected keep your ear plugs handy. Choose the ear plug with best fit and which is comfortable. There are various kinds of ear plugs such as disposable ear plugs, digital head phones or moulded earplugs. Go for the one which suits you best. Protecting your eye on a hunting expedition, especially in clay and dusty grounds, is important. Various types of hunting eye wears are available and that too in different tints. Try them before hands and find which suits you the best. If you wear glasses, choosing an eye wear for hunting can be bit difficult. You can consider consulting a doctor or getting a prescription, and order a personalised eye wear.
  • Other accessories: Depending on the hunting ground you are to visit, consider buying a pair of hunting gloves, water proof holdall, etc.

The key is to buy the clothing which are necessary and are in accordance to the style, and most importantly, keep you safe and protected.


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