There will always be things that you would like to know about riflescopes especially if you are going to purchase for the first time. By getting the answers to frequently asked questions, you will understand how riflescopes work and at the same time, you will be given the help that you need. Without further ado, here are the frequently asked questions about riflescopes.

1. What is the proper riflescope magnification for various situations?
You first have to understand that riflescopes come with various magnifications. Most of these magnifications can be adjusted depending on what you are searching for. Definitely, you can use the magnification and the zoom in order to change your scope’s power.

You would need to use low magnification if you are going to hunt at close range. You also need to use low magnification if the items that you are targeting are moving. If you are hunting for big game, use the medium magnification of your riflescope. Lastly, you can use high magnification and power if you would have to hunt very small game or if you are trying to aim at something that is not moving.

2. What is a riflescope reticle?
If you are not that aware of the various things that make up a riflescope, there is a big chance that you are not too aware of what the riflescope reticle is. The riflescope reticle is found inside the riflescope. There are various designs that you can get and you would have to choose one that will be best for the type of activity that you have to do. Consider the distance that from which you are going to shoot the riflescope from.
3. What is parallax?
Beginners usually are not that aware about what parallax is. Parallax is actually the process when the eye is not completely lined up with the riflescope’s reticle. Parallax usually makes people experience some error but most of the time; the errors are too small that they can already be disregarded because there are other things that are available.
4. How can parallax be resolved?
If in case you are having some problems with parallax and you would like to solve it at the soonest possible time, you can resolve this by purchasing the right factory set scope. You have to make sure that you will choose a scope with an adjustable lens. You will be able to adjust it depending on your target and you can continue with the process of hunting without your parallax problems.
5. Are there some benefits that can be achieved with the use of AO lens?
There are instances when the reticles of your riflescope are not exactly lined up with your distant targets and this can cause the occurrence of parallax. The use of AO lens can be very beneficial as this can be adjusted in order to remove the error. This means that you will be able to hit your targets with more accuracy. If in case you are confused with how you can make some adjustments, you simply need to rotate the ring on the front objective bell. Remember that you would need to make some adjustments depending on the magnification that you desire to have.
6. What is the weakest link in the riflescope shooting system?
If you would be considering the riflescope piece by piece, which one do you think is the weakest link? Usually, the rings are considered to be the weakest mainly because they will not make the riflescope work well if they would not be fitted perfectly. You have to remember that mounting the rings in the riflescope can be complicated. Most of the time, people are not even aware that it has already been placed wrong. This can result to bad aim and bad shooting strategies.
7. How long is the battery life of a riflescope?
There are a lot of factors that may change the way the riflescope works. There may be instances when riflescopes can work for a long time but there are also instances when riflescopes will only work for a short period of time. This may be because of the temperature while the riflescope is being used or it may also be because of the riflescope being used during daytime or nighttime. When the riflescope is being used in cold weather, there is a tendency of the battery of the riflescope to decrease faster. Using the riflescope in the evening will also decrease the battery faster than ever.
8. Will wearing glasses make a difference with the use of riflescopes?
There are a lot of people who wonder if it would make a difference if they would use their riflescopes while they are wearing their glasses. Usually, the use of glasses will alter the view of the riflescope a bit. This will make people more prone to making some mistakes that will cause them not to hunt as well as they would like. Remember that image defects are only common when glasses are used together with the use of riflescopes. At the same time, the images that can be seen are usually narrower so making some shots can be harder.
9. What is the most common culprit of misalignment of riflescopes?
There will be instances when you will find your riflescope misaligned again and you have no choice but to adjust it all over and over again. The main reason why this has happened is because of the mounting hardware. If the mounting hardware is not properly aligned, everything else will be affected and this will cause you to align your riflescopes all over and over again. Of course, over aligning the riflescopes can cause the riflescopes to be break down eventually.
10. Which one is better, halogen or LED?
There are a lot of people who are not too sure if halogen and LED are actually different from each other. You have to know that they are different. LED is considered to be better because it does not make use of too much light. This means that when LED lights are used, the riflescope can be used longer. Some riflescopes can even run for about 10 hours which means that the riflescope can be used for a long period of time. Another difference that you will notice is the colors of the light. You can usually distinguish the color of the lamp that you are going to use. LED light is colored blue while halogen lamps have a bit of a yellowish color. LED lights are considered to be better because they can be used longer.
11. What are large eyepiece diameters for?
There are some riflescopes that can be fitted with large eyepiece. The large eyepiece is specifically meant to be used in the dark. This is because it is able to make the line of sight clearer for the user who is going to use the riflescope to shoot game in the evening and even early morning.
12. Is there a need for the lenses to be coated?
There is a big chance that you are having some trouble with deciding if you should have coated lens or not. Coated lens are considered better because they will improve the transmission of light which will of course allow you to shoot better.

Do remember that there are different types of coatings that are available. There are lenses that come with anti reflection coating and there are also some that come with multi layer coating. There will be different colors that will be apparent depending on the type of lenses that are being used.

13. When sighting, do both eyes have to be opened?
Most of the time, people are recommended to sight with the use of just one eye especially for those who are beginners. Yet, sighting with both eyes can be highly beneficial especially if you would need to check out the whole field. There is a big chance that you will be able to figure out how to do it the moment that you know how you can work with it. You may see double vision for a while but you will get used to it the more that you do it.
14. Is the quality of the riflescope important?
You may think that just because your rifle is made with the finest quality, you do not need to have a good riflescope anymore but the truth is that it may be equally as important. There are even instances when using a mediocre rifle is okay as long as you have the right riflescope because the use of the right riflescope will allow you to check out your game appropriately.
15. Are all riflescopes the same?
You have to remember that even riflescopes of the same brands and models are not made exactly the same. While some models are made with the same quality, the type of performance that they can give will all be different. Still, remember that reading the various reviews about various riflescope brands and models can still work well.

Hopefully with all of the things that you have learned about riflescopes based on the frequently asked questions with answers mentioned above, you will be able to choose the right riflescope for you.

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