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Of all of the archery manufacturing companies in the world, Elite Archery has the most advanced and technologically sophisticated compound bows available on the market today. The world leader in archery equipment, the equipment crafted by Elite Archery is known for high-quality workmanship, impeccable materials, and exceptionally powerful performance. The world’s top archers choose Elite archery to supply them with the compound bows and arrows that are used for hunting and target competitions.

Different Models of Bows Offered by Elite Archery

Elite bows are manufactured in Henrietta, N.Y., a suburb of Rochester. The unique designs present in the different models offered by Elite are attractive and ultimately functional, with a wide variety of features not found in other bows at any price, anywhere. There are a host of different models available but for the sake of brevity, we will take a look at a couple of them below. The Elite Energy 32 and the Elite Energy 35 are two specific models that are popular and get a lot of traction.

  1. The Elite Impulse 31.

This model offers incredible shootability with no sacrifice and exceptional speed. Developed over a decade, this next generation bow features a host of improvements that make it one of the best in the world. The stable platform offers swift and smooth shooting at a level never available before.

Elite Archery 1631IM70RXRX28.0RHSTT Impulse 31 - Compound Bow Kit,...
  • Kit includes best-selling Elite Impulse 31 at 28" draw length and 70 pound draw weight
  • Elite 7.25" hunting stabilizer, 2-piece 4-arrow quiver, QAD Hunter Drop away Rest
  • Scott Archery Quick-Shot Wrist Strap Release included
  1. The Elite Energy 35.

The Elite Energy 35 is the top choice for bowhunters and professional archers. The exclusive RiserCage™, 7-inch riser heights, and parallel limbs and other features deliver impressive performance that will thrill any archer. A redesigned limb pocket design also enhances stock tolerances. A world-class bow, you have to try it for yourself to experience everything it has to offer.

Elite Archery 1634IM70RXRX30.0RHSTT Impulse 34 - Compound Bow Kit,...
  • Kit includes best-selling Elite Impulse 34 at 30.0" draw length and 70 pound draw weight
  • Elite 7.25" hunting stabilizer, 2-piece 4-arrow quiver, QAD Hunter Drop away Rest
  • Scott Archery Quick-Shot Wrist Strap Release included

More Information About Elite Archery

Some companies like to make a lot of claims, but there are many operators without the facts to back them up. Originally founded in 2005, Elite Archery was first located in Walla Walla, Washington until it moved to Henrietta, NY. Since 2009 these archery manufacturing masters have even in the past teamed up with famous bow designer Kevin Strother, and in its present form, been operated by president Peter Crawford.

Besides the only limited lifetime warranty, Elite offers an industry-first in-hunt guarantee. If, during a hunt, you experience technical failure or difficulty, you will receive a loan of a bow so that you can continue your hunt without being interrupted. All bows come straight from the factory equipped with Winner’s Choice strings, and since 2015, Pro Kote performance coatings. This coating acts to protect your bows components from scratches, drops, and chemical abrasions. Elite bows have a dual-cam system, where one cam has cables, and another track runs the string. This creates less lean between components and allows the system to remain in sync.

Safety Precautions to Maintain When Using Compound Bows

Everyone who uses compound bows should receive proper, full training and/or be under the supervision of expert trainers before using their bow. Without proper training, you can be seriously injured or even suffer fatal injury. Always know where others are when using your bow, including children and pets. Keep your bow out of the reach of children and keep stored in a safe place. Make sure that you are aware of danger risks and do not run with arrows.

Always carefully inspect your bow before you use it. Note the bow condition before you shoot, and make sure it is in good working order. Report damages to components to your local dealer before you use bow. Maintain and repair your bow on a routine schedule. Repair or install replacement parts or have an authorized dealer do any work for you if you are not an expert in archery. Never allow your bow to be exposed to extremes in heat or cold. This can cause damage to your bow and will void any warranties.

Never dry-fire your bow. Dry-firing is pulling back and releasing a string without an arrow. This practice can result in serious injury or damage to your bow. Inspect all arrow for splintering cracking, or shafts that have dents.  Do not use arrows made of fiberglass or wood. Never makes changes to or modify your bow, your bow is fine as it is and never will require any modification. Modifications will also create safety issues and will void your warranties. Always make sure you never aim at a person intentionally or unintentionally, staying safe is the number one priority you should seek.

Choosing the Right Compound Bow for You

If you are a beginner, intermediate, or expert archer, you are in for a treat when you choose to get yourself a compound bow from Elite Archery. This world-class archery equipment comes with limited lifetime warranty on all of its products, so you know your investment is fully protected by a company you can trust. There are a lot of archery companies that claim the are the best, but the truth is that when you select Elite Archery to provide you with your bow, you are getting the finest you can buy.

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