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Bushnell is the name of quality, durability and reliability for all its manufactured products ranging from sports optics to trail cameras, GPS and rifle scopes. Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight is one of the remarkable rifle scopes produced by Bushnell for committed shooters.

This effective and economical scope with 3 MOA red dot reticle provides peak accuracy for target acquisition. The multi-coated lens and unlimited eye-relief of this scope helps me to target and shoot exactly where I want.

This small sized and compact scope with 100% water to fog and shock proof potentials is best to be used in field. Mounted on my shotgun, it always gives me unfailing stability and optical precision to make a perfect shot. Tilted amber coated front lens creates red dot by reflecting LED light.

Key Features of Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight

It’s an ultra-compact scope with red dot reticle produced by one of the world’s famous sports optics producers- the Bushnell. When we talk about fast targeting and accurate shooting, nothing can beat ‘Red Dot Sight’ from Bushnell.

Being the part of Bushnell’s Trophy series, this scope also works on the basic precepts just like every other red dot scope. Indeed, I find it taking this series a step further because of its application-specific features. These features include tactical turrets through which you can make rapid adjustments especially in the field.

CR2032 battery life is awesome and that is why you can use it in the field with full reliability. Moreover, it has fixed parallax adjustment so you need not to panic about it. At high stakes and for varying tactical needs, you can fully trust Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight.

For dim conditions, I prefer attaching this scope to my rifle because it contains tilted front lens. Now you will ask what the big deal is if it has a tilted lens. It’s this special lens with amber-bright coating that reflects the LED light and creates a dot (referencing point)

This is the feature which actually makes this scope a wonderful addition to your shooting gadgets. Just give it a try and it will assist you wonderfully.

Let’s have a look at its general optical to construction specs and then I will tell you about its imperative features in detail.

Features in Detail:

What this scope boasts in terms of features is the unified integration between contemporary illumination technology, tilted front lens and the Red Dot Sight, in a combined effort to enhance scope’s overall proficiency. It’s true and I enjoy using this scope because it is equipped with many significant features usually not available in many of the other red dot riflescopes.

It’s a good news for shooters that technologies used in this scope are renowned to provide clear cut images in low lights. You will get not only good but perfect visual of whatever your target is. If you want flawless precision and accuracy in dim lights then this scope will take all such worries away.

1. 3 M.O.A Red Dot Reticle

The Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight rifle scope comes with a3 M.O.A Red Dot Reticle. This means it can cover a circle of 3 inches that will in turn help you in zooming in the target object.

With controlling knob you can easily adjust its setting. To avoid unintentional turning on of the sight, this knob is designed with the small amount of resistance.

Also, your illumination setting must not be high enough conflicting the ambient light conditions. This is because it will make dot appearance distorted and non-centric. If this is the situation,then simply forget to make precise shot.

For improved results, you can increase the red dot sight setting until the scope gives you an evident aiming reference.

2. Multi-coated optics

Scope’s multicoated optical system is again very impressive feature. Thanks to Bushnell for adding such an outclass optics in the scope. This makes quite easy for me to observe the targets in low-light situations and to make accurate shot.

3. Amber-Bright lens coating (high contrast)

It also features amber-light high contrast lens coating ensuring that you can use this rifle scope under diverse weather conditions.At least, my confidence doesn’t shake when it is fixed to my shotgun and I have to deal with shooting in harsh environments.

This amber-bright optics added to TRS-25 1×25 red dot sight helps me to quickly distinguish if I am targeting a brown animal or shooting at brown tree.

4. Water/fog/shockproof construction

Bushnell constructed this rifle scope to be 100 percent waterproof, 100 percent fog proof as well as 100 percent shock proof. This is all because of dry-nitrogen-filled housing of the scope.

Your rifle scope should contain this feature so your hunting venture will go smoothly and satisfactorily. Also, if you need to go through the woods then this feature will save your life.

5. CR2032 battery

This scope comes with CR2032 battery that works quite well when you are dealing with hunting for long time period. Even you can spend an entire day out in woods to hunt on a single charge.

6. Eye-relief

It has unlimited eye relief means you can use it with both eyes open. This will increase your observation power and you will be more responsive to surrounding environment. In turn, it will result in faster target acquisition.

7. Parallax setting

Another best feature of this scope is that it has parallax free design (no need for centering). , this means the dot follows the movement of your eye though remaining fixed on the targeting object.

Let move towards the advantages of this scope.

What Benefits you can enjoy from this scope?

Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight rifle scope is quite rich in features that make it stand out from the other conventional scopes. By going through the features and using it personally, I can assure the following benefits that you can earn from this rifle scope.

  • It’s not only affordable but also very efficient and durable.
  • The ultra-compact scope helps in closing in on targets quickly.
  • Too much light in weight and hence easy to handle
  • Really easy to use that even a novice hunter can use it without any trouble.
  • With amber-bright optics you can easily distinguish the target objects
  • It delivers full size performance even in dim lights situations
  • It can be used feasibly under any weather conditions
  • Consumes less power and hence has increased battery life.
  • Parallax is fixed and therefore user isn’t required to center it.
  • With Unlimited eye-relief, you can use it with both eyes open.
  • Dry-nitrogen filled housing prevents the lenses from fogging

Pros and Cons of this product


With what Rifles you can use this scope?

You can use it with any handgun and shotgun provided it gets perfectly fixed on it.You can also use it with 20-gauge shotgun and Kel Tec sub 2K rifle.

Tips to use Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight

Not much maintenance is required for this scope if you properly take care of it.

  • Fix it carefully to your rifle
  • Lock it watchfully
  • Keep it clean especially lenses
  • Unmounts when not in use
  • Turn the battery off when done

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As you can see the features and benefits Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight. It would be a marvelous addition to your gun or air rifle. Along with easy-to-use design, compact size and remarkable results, it’s available at amazing cost as well.

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