boone and crockett

boone and crockett

Founded in the United States in 1887 by Theodore Roosevelt, the Boone and Crockett Club is the oldest wildlife and habitat conservation organization in North America. This American non-profit organization is dedicated to advocating fair chase hunting while supporting conservation efforts. The club’s name came from the hunter heroes of the day, Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett. The founding members of the day recognized Boone and Crockett as men who had pioneered the American frontier but were aware of the dangers of overharvesting game.

Facts to Know About Boone and Crockett

The rich history of this organization is filled with a wealth of interesting highlights and accomplishments. The club has the Boone and Crockett scoring system in place to help hunters determine the value of their trophies. The club helps you learn how to score a deer and the scoring system also aids in evaluating different trophy animals. This system will help you determine the size of your trophy such as when scoring a deer, for example a 10 point buck. The club is a meet-up destination for sportsmen from all over who compete for distinctions, including the recognition of new world-record holding trophies. Boone and Crockett makes hunting a better sport for all in many ways.

Known most to the public for the maintenance of a data and scoring collection system for big game hunting in native North America, this organization also is a think-tank for conservation efforts in the world of the sportsmen of America. Through all of their efforts, the American Model of Wildlife Conservation has been established over time, leading the world in conservation efforts and the maintenance of wildlife and promoting ethical hunting practices and condemning behavior such as poaching with it’s Poach and Pay Program.

Throughout the years the club has grown and has taken on additional roles, such as public education and political activities to further their mission of establishing ongoing progress in the world of conservation. They have played a role in many different acts of legislation and their members are key members of society who influence public policy related to conservation, and governmental regulation.

Theodore Roosevelt, founder and one of the clubs most important members, was of course a US President and an avid hunter who was well aware of the importance of conservation and its effect on nature and society. A man of principle and grit, President Theodore Roosevelt was a tough man who had a lot of love for good things, knew what our nation needed, and was well loved and respected.

How Boone and Crockett Serves Us All

Boone and Crocket works tirelessly to promote the conservation of wildlife and commits itself to many different community projects and activities as well.

This club has made notable progress in conservation efforts, including gaining funding for conservation, creating wildlife reserves, forming the National Wildlife Refuge system, and made it possible for the elimination of commercial market hunting. They have formed the establishment of American conservation, generally speaking, and have also achieved the protection and expansion of Yellowstone National Park. They are the authors of the famous “fair game” hunter ethics statement which set the stage for progress in how hunting would evolve.

The Boone and Crockett club has a Conservation Education Program that reaches over 2,500 students and teachers throughout the USA each and every year. There are many educational workshops and camps that are run by the club as well. The Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Ranch is located in Dupuyer, Montana and is a central focal point for much of the club’s activities.

The club receives no federal funding, largely relying on some grants and member support to meet operating costs. The Rasmuson Wildlife Conservation Center is operated by the club, and usually runs between April 1st through October 31st every year. There are many more aspects to what the club does for our communities and nation to long to mention here.

Thinking About Joining Boone and Crockett?

If you are a hunter and believe in the principles and work of Boone and Crockett, you may well desire to become a member of this prestigious organization. The list of key members of historical importance include Theodore Roosevelt, Charles Deering, Madison Grant, William Tecumseh Sherman, Gifford Pinchot, George Bird Grinnell, Aldo Leopold, Charles Alexander Sheldon and Frederick Russell Burnham. The Boone and Crockett club has an associates program that features a host of benefits and activities, with access to their many features and activities.

There are lists you can place yourself on that the club publishes when you score a new trophy. There are also competitions and lots of other perks available. You will be part of a great group of sportsmen on the right side of the sport, who not only hunt within the law, but within the spirit of the hunt. You can easily become a member by visiting their website and finding out how.


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