Youth deer hunt is now a tradition followed in the west and is widely gaining popularity. A youth deer hunt is not just about learning the art of hunting but is also a good opportunity for family members to spend quality time together and watch young kids grow into adults. These days it is as popular in girls as in boys. So when it comes to attending a youth deer hunt, it is always welcome by almost all members of the family. The process of getting yourself or your children involved into a youth deer hunt might a times seem a tedious job but it is nothing compared to its numerous benefits. In the following sections we shall see the numerous benefits associated the youth deer hunt.

deer hunting

Opportunity to spend excellent time together 

A youth deer hunt provides an excellent platform for the members of the family to spend some quality time together and that too all set in a natural environment. It is not just spending time; rather it also means watching your growing son or daughter do the thing they love. It is said the hours of talking with people won’t provide you as much information about them as playing a couple of games. A youth deer hunt allows parents to play with their kids and thus held develop better understanding between grownups and youths.

Not just that, a youth deer hunt is organised in a national park, military reservations, state park or in natural habitats of deer including wilds forest where hunting deer is allowed. This natural setup allows everyone to recreate in their own manner and by the time you are done hunting you are already rejuvenated and relaxed.

Great time to mentor and help kids imbibe social skills

All youths who attend a youth deer hunt are required to procure a licence. Apart from that they are often asked or are required to attend orientation programs or training sessions where they are trained about the basics of hunting. Hunting being an adventurous sport teaches these kids sportsmanship. Starting from the orientation programs to finally hunting a deer, the youth learns to be courageous, focused, adventurous, and to act in team. It teaches them lessons which they would never forget in life and make them more socially adaptable. It thus helps youths imbibe social skills which would be used by them throughout their life.

A youth deer hunt also provides parents a great time to mentor their kids. While teaching their kids how to hunt they also teach them how to plan activities and carry them out. In the process both parents and kids understand each other, which in turn strengthens their relationship.

Strengthening the psychology of the youth

Studies on youth deer hunt indicates that those kids who enrolled themselves for a youth deer hunt were less likely to develop tendencies or inclinations towards addictions and alcoholism. This fact can be attributed to the way the youths are introduced to the world of hunting. Youth deer hunting teaches them the basics of hunting and instils in them good hunting practices.

A good hunter is not just a good shooter, but also a good planner and is patient, focused and valiant. He is taught never to get panic whatever the circumstances may be. The teachings at the camps and the lessons which a youth learns at a deer hunting expedition teach him to look at the positive side of the situations and to be strong. It strengthens their minds to the extent that no matter what he learns to stay focused, no matter what comes. A youth also learns to be good planner and imbibes the art that requires executing a plan and taking it to the final goal. It thus makes youth psychologically a better man or women.

Imparts good ethics and aesthetic sense 

Youth deer hunting expedition is not just about hunting. With it come other things as naturally as the nature itself. From the moment a kid picks up a hunting gun or archery to the moment he or she hunts down its prey, a hunter learns a lot. Going to a beautiful natural set up he learns various organisms work in coordination. He learns how a flower blooms? He learns how animals react, and of course the fact that a animal is a food for other animal. In the process a hunter learns to appreciate the nature as it is, without any prejudices or pre conceptions. The youths who take up hunting expeditions as adventure expeditions are known to be better human beings in their lives. They know the importance of coordination, of being in tune with the nature and of being humble to people to they come across and how to be in harmony with others. In short they learn the art of living in harmony with others and feeling the pain and happiness of their comrades.


We can say that a deer hunting expedition is not just about learning the art of hunting. With it comes other obvious benefit too. However, as grownup adults one should focus upon building strong relationship with the youths may it be daughter or son or somebody else you are guiding in a hunting expedition. At the end what matters the most is not that the youth on hunting expedition hunts the deer or not, what matters is the journey they go through. A deer hunting expedition ensures that the youth builds a strong character and by the time he or she hunts down his first beer and takes a snapshot with it, he or she imbibes qualities which make a good human being. In short, a deer hunting expedition is worth all that it takes, for in return it gives a lot more that it takes. As adults if you are on a hunting expedition to guide a youth and teach him the art of hunting never forget to impart side by side the qualities which will make him a man or woman of quality in life. Youth deer expedition in short should aim at creating moments which are enjoyable and can be kept in memories forever.


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