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There is one reason many people shy away from the first focal plane scopes – price. Although very easy to use and desirable. Sadly, most of them are very pricing. Leaving many shooters admiring them through the window – longingly.

But salvation has come for you if you have been longing for a first focal plane riflescope. That is affordable and very practical. Actually, there are 3 very affordable Athlon scopes for you to choose from.





Athlon Argos BTR 8-34x50


Athlon Optics , Helos BTR , Riflescope , 6-24 x 50


Athlon Optics , Helos BTR, Riflescope, 8-34 x 56

Athlon Optics , Helos BTR, Riflescope, 8-34 x 56

The Athlon Cronus BTR

Athlon Optics , Cronus BTR , Riflescope , 4.5-29 x 56

Athlon Scopes By Athlon Optics

If you are looking for exceptional optics at exceptionally low prices. Athlon scopes by Athlon Optics are just the right scopes for you. But who are Athlon Optics and why should you trust them with the task of keeping your target in sight?

Athlon Optics, a US optics company, is a company that is committed to designing. Delivering top-tier quality optics at affordable prices. With a strong engineering and design team and a streamlined distribution line.

They are able to bring cutting-edge riflescope technology to every shooter. In short, Athlon Optics care about you getting the best optics for your rifle. Even if you are on a tight budget. So yes, you should Athlon scopes with the great responsibility of bringing your target closer to you.

And to further prove their commitment to you. Athlon has put a lifetime warranty on all their riflescopes. And this is not your ordinary warranty mind you. Athlon promises to repair your scope for life, not just from factory defects. But even from damage that comes from normal everyday use. No receipt or registration required. Now that’s a product and company to be trusted.

Right, now that we have established a relationship based on trust with Athlon. Let’s take a look at three of their best budget riflescopes.

Athlon Argos BTR 8-34x50

The Argos BTR 8-34 is one powerful scope you will definitely enjoy using on the range and even on a hunt. This is a first focal plane scope that is constructed of a 6061T6 aircraft grade one-piece aluminum tube. That is heat treated so as to give the body extra strength.

This is one of the Athlon scopes that uses argon gas to make the scope fog and waterproof. The only downside to the build and construction of the Athlon Argos BTR is the weight. Coming in at 32 ounces, it is on the heavier side and will be better coupled with a lighter rifle so as to balance things out.

The glass on a scope is one of the most important pieces scope makers need to get right. Surprisingly, for a scope in this price range, Athlon nailed it on the head. The Argos BTR has 2 coatings on the lenses. The first one is a multi-coat that enhances an image’s brightness and clarity during times of low light. Such as at dusk or dawn.

The advanced multi-coating treatment reduces reflected light and increases the transmission of light. Resulting in a brighter image as compared to the image from a single coated lens. The second is an XPL coating that protects the lens surfaces from dirt, grease and even scratches from your shirt. When you try to clean the lens with it (I know you know what I mean).

Another critical component that determines the perfect functionality of a scope is the turrets.

The turrets of Argos BTR are 1/10 MIL per click and have detents to facilitate for easily audible and tangible increments. As for tracking, the turrets of the Athlon Argon BTR 8-34 tack so perfectly it’s surprising to imagine. You are only paying $349.00 for such an accurate riflescope. Speaking of turrets and tracking, I think I might as well talk about the reticle on this Athlon Argos BTR. As it is one of the strong points of this and other Athlon scopes.

The better reticle on the Athlon Argos (between the MIL and MOA) is an in-house made reticle Athlon Optics has dubbed the APMR FFP IR MIL reticle.

This is probably the easiest to understand use MIL reticle you will find on any riflescope. Like most top-tier reticles, the APMR FFP IR MIL reticle is etched on the glass. To allow for complex design and high shock resistance in terms of recoil. Leading to greater durability.

This reticle is easy to read as the markings are thicker than on most reticles. An advantage for those with failing eyesight. For added visibility in low light conditions. The reticle is illuminated, hence the “IR” in the name (for Illuminated Reticle).

For a low budget first focal plane riflescope. this power scope is bound to impress and can hold its own against high-end optics up to 1100 yards. Not just because of the features, but as it improves your marksmanship on the range. $349.00 is really a giveaway as long as the Athlon Argos is concerned.

Especially since it has side parallax adjustment for more convenience. And if you are not in need of a power scope. You can also opt for its other variant that comes with a magnification range of 6-24 and with an objective lens diameter of 50-inches.

The Athlon Helos BTR

athlon scopes Athlon-Optics-Helos-BTR-Riflescope-6-24-x-50

Athlon Optics , Helos BTR , Riflescope , 6-24 x 50

athlon scopes Athlon-Optics-Helos-BTR-Riflescope-6-24-x-50

Athlon Optics , Helos BTR, Riflescope, 8-34 x 56

If you are looking for a bit more than the Athlon Argos has to offer, but still, within a reasonable budget. Athlon still has your back in the form of the Athlon Helos BTR. And like the Argos, it comes in 6-24X50 and 8-34X56 configurations. And like the Argos, it is made from aircraft grade aluminum. Features fully multi-coated lenses, and utilizes argon for fog and waterproofing.

So what the differences between the Argos and Helos, besides the names and the Helos coming with a price tag of $569.99? The Helos definitely is an upgrade to the Argos. And once you get to see what it has to offer, you will really appreciate this first focal plane scope and regret not having heard of it sooner.

The first difference you will notice on the Helios is the glass quality – it is greatly improved on the Helios and definitely gives a brighter image. In fact, it gives a great, crisp image through the power range. The glass on this scope definitely can compete with the glass on other high-end scopes.The first upgrade you will find in the Helos is the locking turrets.

And this alone is an upgrade worth the upgraded price tag as it enables you to keep your settings when moving from one point to another.

There is nothing as frustrating as losing your settings without knowing it. Only to discover when you miss a target you should otherwise have easily hit. This locking feature is on both the elevation and windage turrets. Allows you to pull up the turrets to dial and simply push them down to lock them in place.

And still on turrets, the turrets on the Helios feel and sound better than the ones on the Argos. They definitely are superior in quality. The turrets are more tactile and about 1/2 inch taller than the Argos BTR and simply easier to turn. I guess you could say the upgrade here is not just a tactile one but an ergonomic on.

The biggest letdown on the Athlon Helos BTR is the zero stop – or lack of it. The inclusion of a zero lock would definitely have made this riflescope all the much better. But then again, this is a scope that’s going for less than $600.00, and for its price, it delivers far much more than I would have expected.

This definitely can go toe-to-toe with some of the big names that command prices twice as much as this one humbly asks for.If you are looking into Athlon scopes, this one should be one of the ones you are looking into. Unless of course you are looking for something that packs more of a punch. You have a bit more money to spend, then perhaps the Athlon Cronus BTR will hit your sweet spot.

The Athlon Cronus BTR

If you thought the Helios was an upgrade, wait till you get a taste of the Cronus. This is one of Athlon Optic’s high-end riflescope, but it is still way more affordable than the other scopes in its class. When it comes to value for money, Athlon is really doing a great job, especially since they offer you this premium scope for $1,699.00.

The Athlon Cronus BTR’s main highlights are quite impressive, to say the least. For one, the glass has been upgraded to HD lens so as to allow for greater contrast and a brighter picture. When it comes to imaging, the Athlon Cronus is definitely a scope you want to use in any situation as it will give you crisp. Furthermore, clear images due to the powerful combination of multi-colored and HD lenses.

And to top it off, the Athlon Cronus BTR comes with a zero stop.

Although many fail the need to see the need to pay a bit more to have a riflescope with a zero stop function. It is one function you will greatly appreciate if you do a lot of long-range shooting. The zero stop function is the quickest way to “remember” your best elevation and avoid shooting off target the next time you get back to the range.

Apart from these two added features, the Athlon Cronus BTR has the better build quality. Enhanced waterproofing that makes this one of the sturdiest and definitely best among of all Athlon scopes. Not only among Athlon scopes, but this is a rising star in the world of precision rifles. You will certainly be doing yourself a favor by getting yourself one now. Before the scurry for it causes the prices to go up, or worse still, the stock to run out.

Athlon Scopes – The Overview

If you are on the hunt for a riflescope that will keep you on target without taking your budget off course. Then you need to look at the Athlon scopes on offer by Athlon Optics

No matter the rifle you are building. Most Athlon scopes are compatible with any rifle you think of pairing them too. Even high calibers like the .308 and 6.5 Creedmoor.

Enough talking, it’s time for you to go ahead and order your riflescope of choice. Happy sighting.


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