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Whether you are a hunter, a gun enthusiast, or simply a gun collector. One thing is certain with any gun, having the right type of accessories to go along with it can make your gun go from generic to full blown awesome. One of the top factors that many gun enthusiasts can appreciate is an Athlon scope. However, unfortunately many gun lovers are left longingly glancing at the Scopes from a distance instead of getting their hands on them. While they are easy to set up an even easier to use, the price of an Athlon scope can be rather daunting. The good news is that in today’s Athalon scope review, we are going to help you combat that. 

Athlon scope manufacturers have acknowledged this disconnect and have found a way to bridge the gap for budget conscious gun enthusiasts. That's why in today's article, we are going to take a look at three of the best yet affordable Athlon scopes for you to consider. In our Athlon scope review, you will see how each scope delivers the power and dependability that an Athlon scope is known for. However, with these options, you are not left having to spend an arm and a leg.

Be sure to stick around until the end. At the conclusion of our Athlon scope review, we are going to take a look at a quick buyer’s guide. This buyer’s guide will allow you to take a look at some of the things you should consider when purchasing a scope. 





Athlon Argos BTR 8-34x50


Athlon Optics , Helos BTR , Riflescope , 6-24 x 50


Athlon Optics , Helos BTR, Riflescope, 8-34 x 56

Athlon Optics , Helos BTR, Riflescope, 8-34 x 56

The Athlon Cronus BTR

Athlon Optics , Cronus BTR , Riflescope , 4.5-29 x 56

Before we get into our review of these top three affordable Scopes, let's take a look at the brand itself. With any product you purchase, it's always best to get a clear understanding of the brand its history and why it's so loved by consumers. This will lead you to make a better choice when you are shopping around. Let's get started!

Athlon Scopes By Athlon Optics

Athlon Scopes By Athlon Optics: Behind the Brand

If you are looking for exceptional optics then Athlon scopes  by Athlon Optics are just the right scopes for you. But who are Athlon Optics and why should you trust them with the task of keeping your target in sight?

Athlon Optics, a US optics company, is a company that is committed to designing and delivering top tier quality optics at affordable prices. With a strong engineering and design team and a streamlined distribution line, customers can only expect the best with this reputable brand. 

What enables the brand to stand out from many of the competition is the fact that their products come directly from their partner manufacturers. Unlike other scopes, Athlon Optics knows exactly where their product comes from and they can keep up with the standard of quality. This cost in savings is then passed over to Athlon consumers. In the long run, this enables the consumer to pay a little less when compared to the competition. 

With all of their optical products, you can look forward to some of the very best thanks to their rigid testing that they have to undergo. For starters, the products are required to withstand a recoil test of to 1000 G. Better yet, this recoil test is required for a thousand times. If this doesn't let you in on the level of endurance, then perhaps that stringent quality standard might. Each product has to undergo waterproof testing, fog proofing, and shock proofing before it gets shipped out. This ensures that each scope that Athlon makes is one of the highest quality. You will be able to point out the quality of manufacturing in our Athlon scope review. 

Even after all the rugged testing, if you do find an issue with your scope, then the warranty that Athlon provides will have you covered. Athlon scope provides each customer a lifetime warranty for a range of their products including their buying oculars, their spotting scopes, their red dots, and their rifle scopes. The brand’s warranty is one of the best as Athlon promises to repair your scope for life, not just from factory defects, but even from damage that comes from normal everyday use. The best part is that no receipt or registration is required. Now that’s a product and company to be trusted. Not many competitors can match such an awesome warranty such as this.

It doesn't take long of r anew customer to recognize that the Althon brand is able to bring cutting-edge riflescope technology to every shooter. In short, Athlon Optics care about you getting the best optics for your rifle. Even if you are on a tight budget. 

Now that we have established a relationship based on trust with Athlon. Let’s take a look at three of their best budget riflescopes with our Athlon scope review.

Athlon Argos BTR 8-34x50

Design and Performace

The Argos BTR 8-34 is one powerful scope you will definitely enjoy using on the range and even on a hunt. This is a first focal plane scope that is constructed of a 6061T6 aircraft grade one-piece aluminum tube. This tube is heat treated so as to give the body extra strength. This construction is sure to last you on the field and will certainly not fail you. 

For starters, the specs of the Athlon Argo BTR come out with a power and optical lens size of 8- 34 x 56 FFP. The tube size is also 30 mm and  The glass on a scope is one of the most important pieces scope makers need to get right. Surprisingly, for a scope in this price range, Athlon nailed it on the head. The Argos BTR has 2 coatings on the lenses. The first one is a multi-coat that enhances an image’s brightness and clarity during times of low light. Such as at dusk or dawn. The coating provided is one that is Fully Mult Coated. You can look forward to each leans being coated to help with fighting off glares and reflections. The second coating is an XPL coating that protects the lens surfaces from dirt, grease and even scratches from your shirt. (Yes, we all know you have been there.)

Another critical component that determines the perfect functionality of a scope is the turrets.

The turrets of the Argos BTR are 1/10 MIL per click and have detents to facilitate for easily audible and tangible increments. As for tracking, the turrets of the Athlon Argon BTR 8-34 tack so perfectly it’s surprising to imagine. Speaking of turrets and tracking, many hunters and target shooters will appreciate that this scope comes equipped with a reticle view. This allows you to take aim with all your targets. The reticle is etched onto the glass and is the perfect addition for more detailed reticle designs. This is unsurprising as this is one of the strong points of this and other Athlon scopes.

The better reticle on the Athlon Argos (between the MIL and MOA) is an in-house made reticle that Athlon Optics has dubbed the APMR FFP IR MIL reticle. Many will tell you that this is probably the easiest to understand use MIL reticle you will find on any riflescope. Like most top-tier reticles, the APMR FFP IR MIL reticle is etched on the glass. To allow for complex design and high shock resistance in terms of recoil. This ultimately leads to greater durability.

This reticle is easy to read as the markings are thicker than on most reticles. An advantage for those with failing eyesight. For added visibility in low light conditions. The reticle is illuminated, hence the “IR” in the name (for Illuminated Reticle).

Price Point 

For a low budget first focal plane riflescope. this power scope is bound to impress and can hold its own against high-end optics up to 1100 yards. Not just because of the features, but as it improves your marksmanship on the range. Overall, this is one of the most affordable scopes in our Athlon scope review. You can purchase this scope from several retailers including Athlon directly as well as Amazon.

What Customers Have to Say About the Athlon Optics Argos BTR Riflescope 8-34-x-56

This is clearly a well constructed and durable rifle scope. Customers appreciate that it was constructed with the utmost durability possible. The only downside, however, is the fact that because it is constructed out of an aircraft grade aluminum, this rifle scope is considerably heavier than many other models on the market. The Athlon Argos BTR weighs in at 32 ounces, just under two pounds. If you are someone who is shopping for their first rifle scope, then you will need to consider this. Installing a heavier than you are accustomed to scope on your rifle may cause you strain and discomfort on the field, especially if you are not used to the additional weight. Another standout feature that customers appreciate about the Athlon Argos BTR is the fact that it provides such great clarity. This is unsurprising as the lenses feature fully multi coats of protection. A complaint that has popped up here and there is the fact that the illuminated reticle does not show up clearly during the daytime. However, during twilight hours, customers who had this issue were able to see it clearly.

The Athlon Helos BTR

athlon scopes Athlon-Optics-Helos-BTR-Riflescope-6-24-x-50

Athlon Optics , Helos BTR , Riflescope , 6-24 x 50

athlon scopes Athlon-Optics-Helos-BTR-Riflescope-6-24-x-50

Athlon Optics , Helos BTR, Riflescope, 8-34 x 56

Design and Performance

If you are looking for a bit more than the Athlon Argos has to offer, but still, within a reasonable budget. Athlon still has your back in the form of the Athlon Helos BTR. And like the Argos, it comes in 6-24X50 and 8-34X56 configurations. Also like the Argos, it is made from aircraft grade aluminum. You will also find that it has state of the art features such as fully multi-coated lenses, and utilizes argon for fog and waterproofing.

So what the differences between the Argos and Helos, besides the names and the Helos coming with a price tag that is almost double? Well, the Helos definitely is an upgrade to the Argos. And once you get to see what it has to offer, you will really appreciate this first focal plane scope and regret not having heard of it sooner.

The first difference you will notice on the Helios is the glass quality – it is greatly improved on the Helios and definitely gives a brighter image. In fact, it gives a great, crisp image through the power range. The glass on this scope definitely can compete with the glass on other high-end scopes. The first upgrade you will find in the Helos is the locking turrets. This alone is an upgrade worth the upgraded price tag as it enables you to keep your settings when moving from one point to another. There is nothing as frustrating as losing your settings without knowing it. Only to discover when you miss a target you should otherwise have easily hit. This locking feature is on both the elevation and windage turrets. You have absolute control with the Athlon Helios as you will have the ability to control these turrets so that you always get the best shot possible. Lastly with the turrets, you can truly feel the quality of the construction as the turrets on the Helios feel and sound better than the ones on the Argos. They definitely are superior in quality and this is especially clear when you first starting to play with them. The turrets are more tactile and about 1/2 inch taller than the Argos BTR and simply easier to turn. I guess you could say the upgrade here is not just a tactile one but an ergonomic one as well.

The biggest letdown on the Athlon Helos BTR is the zero stop – or lack of it. The inclusion of a zero lock would definitely have made this riflescope all the much better. But then again, this is a scope that’s going for less than $600.00, and for its price, it delivers far much more than I would have expected.

Price Point 

As we mentioned earlier, the Argon Helos is a bit pricier than its predecessor the Athon Argos. While this is a downside to some, this scope is still rather affordable, considering all the top of the line features it has to offer. This definitely can go toe-to-toe with some of the big names that command prices twice as much as this one humbly asks for. If you are looking into Athlon scopes, this one should be one of the ones you are looking into.   is having full control is something you crave. Unless of course you are looking for something that packs more of a punch, and you have a bit more money to spend then perhaps the Athlon Cronus BTR will hit your sweet spot.

What Customers Have to Say About the Athlon Helos

Gun enthusiasts who have purchased the Athlon Helos are certianly proud of all that it has to offer. Many of the pros that customers routinely admire are the accurate and repeatable tracking, the FFP reticle, the turrets, and that the glass is clear even when you are looking at the edges. The complaints are very few and far between. Generally, this seems to be an adequate scope that works great on any rifle for a range of activities. 

The Athlon Cronus BTR

Design and Performance

If you thought the Helios was an upgrade, wait till you get a taste of the Cronus. This is one of Athlon Optic’s high-end riflescope, but it is still way more affordable than the other scopes in its class. When it comes to value for money, Athlon is really doing a great job, especially since they offer you this premium scope for $1,699.00.

The Athlon Cronus BTR’s main highlights are quite impressive, to say the least. For one, the glass has been upgraded to HD lens so as to allow for greater contrast and a brighter picture. This allows you to have a great view no matter the distance of the time of the day you are using it. When it comes to imaging, the Athlon Cronus is definitely a scope you want to use in any situation as it will give you a crisp and clear scope of the field. Furthermore, you will get clear images due to the powerful combination of multi-colored and HD lenses.

And to top it off, the Athlon Cronus BTR comes with a zero stop. Although many fail the need to see the need to pay a bit more to have a riflescope with a zero stop function, it is one function you will greatly appreciate if you do a lot of long range shooting. The zero stop function is the quickest way to “remember” your best elevation and avoid shooting off target the next time you get back to the range.

Apart from these two added features, the Athlon Cronus BTR has a better build quality. With enhanced waterproofing, this scope is easily one of the sturdiest and definitely best among all Athlon scopes. Many will argue that it does not stand out just in terms of brand, but it is one of the best especially if you compare it to other models. You will certainly be doing yourself a favor by getting yourself one now. Before the scurry for it causes the prices to go up, or worse still, the stock to run out.

Price Point

We mentioned that the Athon Cronus BTR it the priciest scope on our list. However, it is all a matter of context. In the world of high powered precision scopes, the Athlon Cronus BTR remains to be one of the best scopes out there.

What Customers Have to Say About the Athlon Cronus BTR

Unsurprisingly, customers who have purchased the Athlon Cronus BTR love their purchase. It allows them to take their rifle game to a whole new level. Time and time again, customers rave about the quality of the glass on the lenses. It does not fail to impress do to the fact that you will find there is no distortion even when it is on max magnification. This type of dependability and quality is something that all riflemen can appreciate when they are on the field.

Athlon Scopes – Buyer’s Guide

If you are purchasing a scope for the first time, then you simply cannot just walk into any store and buy whichever scope looks the fanciest. There are certain factors that you need to consider to make sure that you make the right purchase for your needs. For those who are just getting started, we have compiled this handy buyer’s guide to help aid in you in the top features you need to consider when you go out and make your first purchase. Whether it is a long range scope or spotting scopes, knowing these features will aid you in the buying process. 


The first factor that you need to consider is magnification. This seems like a straightforward feature but it can be a little trickier than it seems. Simply put, magnification is the range to which you can magnify objects and subjects that you can see with the naked eye. You will often see magnification labeled as a number followed by the letter “X”. This just means how many times an object can be magnified. 

For example, a magnification of 4X means that the image you are viewing through the scope is 4 times that what you would normally see with the naked eye. When shopping for the perfect scope, you will need to consider the magnification you are shopping for. You will then be able to identify this magnification based on the name of the scope you are looking at. Magnification will typically be the first number that is preceded by the letter X. 

The level of magnification depends solely on what you need your scope to do for you. For example, long range scopes will require more magnification. If you are a hunter who focuses primarily on moving targets, then you will want something with a modest magnification range anywhere from 4 to 9 X.  If however, you need more intentional magnification that will let you hit say a target of some sort that is considerably far away (800 yards), then you may want to aim for more magnification such as a 30X magnification. The best way to figure out what type of magnification you need is by trying out different scopes and understanding how they are related to different types of activities. Whether it is shooting for fun, or intentional hunting, the level of magnification you have will greatly impact your overall experience. 

Objective Lens Size

The lens size or more formally known the objective lens size is another imperative feature that you need to understand when you are shopping for the best scope. Essentially, the objective lens size is a number that measures the diameter of the lens that is fixed at the end of the barrel of your rifle. This is also the lens that is the farthest away from the stock of your rifle. The purpose of the objective lens is allowing enough light to enter for you to get a clearer shot. Essentially, if you have a larger lens with a greater diameter, then more light will be let in. This influx of light will allow you to see a brighter Image, thus improving your viewing are. the reverse is true. A smaller diameter lens will let in less light causing you to have a much duller image. Typically, you will see that many lenses are 32 mm in diameter. When shopping for your scope, the diameter of your lens size will follow the magnification number.

Lens Coating 

In addition to the objective lens size, the lens coating is another important aspect of how much light gets transmitted through the lens. Lens coatings or optical coatings as they are more formally known, aim to create less glare when you are looking through your scope. The coating also gives you an adequate balance of brightness and clarity so that you can see the best image possible when you are out on the field. Oftentimes, uncoated lenses will be foggy or hazy and not give you an adequate viewing of the field. This, in turn, can make for a displeasing experience when you are using your scope. Generally speaking, the more coating your lens has, the better the light transmission. However, you will typically find four different coating categories when you are shopping around for scopes. These four different coating categories include the following:

Coated -  This just simply means that one of your lenses has at least one layer of coating to aid in anti-reflective protection.

Fully Coated -  On a fully coated scope, you can expect to find a coating that is usually a single layer of anti-reflective coating on all lenses that are on your scope. This coating, however, is only on the side of the lens that touches the air.

Multi-Coated -  Muli coated lenses are exactly what they sound like. This is when at least one of your lenses has several coatings for anti-reflective capabilities.

Fully Multi-Coated -  With a fully multi-coated lens you can expect to find that every air to glass lens has several coatings for anti refraction capabilities.

For the most part, some scopes are sold as its. However, there are scopes where you can customize the coating capabilities so that it meets your needs. It should be noted that the level of coating you have on your scope does affect the overall price that you will pay for your scope.


Another facet that you want to consider with your scope is whether or not it will have Crosshair or reticle capabilities. The crosshairs are simply the parts of your scope that allow you to determine where your bullet is going to end up. Having crosshair capabilities on your scope is not a determining factor of whether or not your scope is of great quality or not. Rather, it simply depends on personal preference whether or not having crosshair capabilities is something that is important to you.

Generally speaking though, having these crosshair capabilities do have an impact on your shot. There is a wide range of crosshair options for you to choose from. For example, if you aim for a larger rectal, then you'll have an easier time seeing your target during low light situations. For thinner reticles, it will be a little bit trickier to see in low-light situations but you will have a more precise shot when you shoot.

You will find that many reticle scopes also come with little tick marks known as posts or scales. These tick marks give you an estimate of where the bullet will drop at greater distances. Although these tick marks are not considerably accurate, some riflemen do appreciate having them on their scope. Again it all is a matter of personal preference. It should be noted that these ticks do primarily depend on the focal plane as well.

Tube Size

Another factor that you want to consider when purchasing your scope is the size of the tube. The size of your tube does not make your scope better or worse than another. The main reason that you want to consider the size of your tube is so that you have the adequate mounting ring for you to mount your scope on your rifle. You will typically find your tubes sold in two sizes, 30 mm and 1 in. again, just like the crosshairs on your scope’s view, the tube size is very preferential. It should be noted that in North America, tube sizes are typically sold with one inch tubes.


The next thing you want to consider when purchasing a scope is the overall weight that it will put on your rifle. Weight is an important facet to consider because if you are on the field for an extended period of time, aiming with your rifle that is overwhelmingly heavy can be daunting over in over a long time. If you're used to performing with heavy duty rifles, then having a heavier scope will not affect you as much. The opposite is true. If you have never used a heavy scope and typically go out into the field with a lightweight rifle, then you will want to start yourself out with a lightweight scope as well. Over time, you can work your way to the more heavier scopes. It is important that you get a handle on the field first so that way you are not uncomfortable. 

Elevation and windage adjustment

This next feature is one that really resonates with professional shooters. Essentially, your windage and your elevation adjustment allow you to get a more accurate shot. A windage adjustment is when you give the bullet the ability to move either to the left or the right on impact.  your elevation adjustment is giving your bullet the ability to move up or down In relation to the crosshairs. Typically, you don't need to do much when it comes to adjusting the elevation and the windage. This is especially true if you are a novice shooter just getting started with a scope. However, in the long run, as you develop your craft, understanding these adjustments and being able to work with them can be a game changer for you when you are out on the field. 


This last option really is not as essential to finding the right scope for your rifle as it is finding the right scope for your comfort level. Each brand is unique in the sense that the scopes they put out have different features and benefits than the other competitors. When you first start shopping around, you want to consider that the brand that you are shopping from. Our suggestion for finding the right scope for you is starting off with a brand that you are comfortable with. This might be a brand you were recommended, tried out, or have heard about. Then, once you understand that brand’s scope you can venture out and explore other brands. Overall, the brand you shop for does not have much of a difference as do all the other features that go into making a good rifle scope.

Final Thoughts on the Athlon Scope Review

If you are on the hunt for a riflescope that will keep you on target without taking your budget off course. Then you need to look at the Athlon scopes on offer by Athlon Optics. No matter the rifle you are building. Most Athlon scopes are compatible with any rifle you think of pairing them too. Even high calibers like the .308 and 6.5 Creedmoor. If you are just getting started, then this is certainly the brand that you need to go to. You simply cannot beat their quality scopes that are available at unbeatable prices. Join the thousands of customers who appreciate the beauty of an Athlon scope. 


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