Athlon optics

Athlon optics

Athlon is a US based sports optics company that strives to design and provide superior quality optics products and other outdoor accessories, available at affordable and competitive pricing. Through strong, advanced engineering Athlon produces optics products that feature exceptionally high performance. Athlon has in place a vast network of strategic alliances with quality manufacturers and an optimally, fully integrated supply chain reaching consumers through retail and distribution channels. Strong relationships with their manufacturers allow Athlon to produce products of rare high quality.

All of the optical products produced by Athlon undergo extensive testing for shock-proofing, waterproofing, and fogging-proofing before they are shipped and leave the factory. Riflescopes are recoil tested to withstand forces up to 1000G for 1000 times, assuring that these optics will not malfunction when in the field. Stringent quality standards are always strictly maintained, and testing and development is an ongoing science and obsession of Athlon.

Key Products Offered by Athlon Optics

Athlon has a great selection of many different types of optical products, all of which are used every day by sportsmen (and sportswomen) across the globe. The engineering involved makes the technologically advanced features of Athlon stand up to any of the competition, and they pride themselves for providing an affordable alternative in optical products for those who don’t want to sacrifice high quality for price. Let’s take a look at some of the available optical products many people frequently acquire from Athlon here:

1.      Athlon Scopes.

Athlon scopes come equipped for most firearms, with models such as tactical rifle scopes, hunting rifle scopes, and long- range scopes. The first focal plan scopes get excellent, rave reviews all over the internet. On their website, they have a rifle scope finder that will plug you right the exact scope to fit your individual needs. Highly popular and well-loved Athlon highly advises and encourages people to go on and see what people have to say about them.

2.      Athlon Argos.

There are many optical products manufactured by Athlon, and among them there are a line of binoculars. Binoculars serve many purposes, and can be used for hunting, or even people watching at the beach or in your neighborhood. Binoculars by Athlon have advanced components and many wonderful attributes that provide excellent performance and withstand harsh conditions found in many geographical areas. These binoculars have different specifications depending on the model with various features such as:

  • Angular field of view @ 1000 yard between 257-371 feet
  • Eye relief between 16-17.4 millimeters
  • Close focus 4 meters/ 13 feet
  • Interpupillary distance 56-76 millimeters
  • Dimension (Length x Width) between 5.1 inches x 4.9 inches to 6.8 inches x 5.6 inches
  • Weight between 16.3 ounces to 29.5 ounces

3.      FFP Scopes.

Athlon has several models of scopes which fall under the category of FFP scopes. These scopes are usually associated with hunting big game in countries like Africa, and other regions that big game lives in. Many people use these scopes for safaris, although they are also right at home hunting in any situation. Even duck and rabbit hunts can be assisted with this powerful and versatile line of high quality scopes.

The Athlon Life Time Warranty

The Athlon lifetime warranty guarantees that your product is free from any manufacturer defects or defects in workmanship for the life of your product. Also, Athlon goes one step further to guarantee that through normal use, if your product sustains any damage, they will replace or repair your product at no additional cost. Your warranty is valid without registration, and you do not need to have a receipt to make a claim.

Please note that this warranty will not cover your product in the event of any damages that occur as a result of misuse, theft, or deliberate damages done to your product. Your warranty is void if someone other than an Athlon authorized service department performs maintenance on your product. Altering your product by any means including Cerakote coating or the application of spray paint will also void the warranty.

The Athlon lifetime warranty only applies to the following products: riflescopes, binoculars, red dots, spotting scopes, magnifiers, prism scopes, and laser rangefinders. All other Athlon products do have a one-year standard warranty.

Wondering if Athlon Optics is Right for You?

If you are thinking about Athlon and the wide array of products they offer, consider this: you won’t find better optical products anywhere for the price you will pay at Athlon. With all the choice out there, evaluate the selection at Athlon and see what it can really do for you. If you are a serious professional, an expert hunter, or even a weekend amateur, the choice for Athlon is one based on value, where quality meets price. The technologically advanced components and craftsmanship stand out as a great investment in optical products for anyone’s needs.


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