Hunting in South Africa is full of thrill and adventure. It is quiet dangerous as well as require a lot of skill and expertise in the hunting field. In the case of hunting hare at night you must use the lamping.  Lamping with your rifle is the game of gunfire at night time with the support of high powered lights. It is a huge pest organizes way for both foxes and rabbit hunting and it is also most popular method among hunters. You can easily shoot hare with this method.

hare hunting

1. You must Search hunting air rifles in calibers variety

You can search hunting air rifles in calibers variety form .177 up to the powerful .50, however the more accepted and inexpensive pneumatic firearms are the ones utilize for pest control as well as little sport. On condition that the rifle has the range and the power to create slay its more than excellent adequate to use. However bear in mind if you utilize a firearm that makes roughly any type of sound the chances are you will drive away everything you don’t fire.

2. You have need of a lamp for hunting bunnies:

Then definitely, you have need of a lamp for hunting bunnies at night. currently this is reasonably difficult work, since you will require to be able to intend equally the lamp and the gun at the same time. You have more chance of buying a variety of numerous lamps that are enough to attract to a rifle and for at affordable prices. You can visit the firearm shop and ask for best air gun. Hunting in South Africa requires the high power and perfect air rifle.

3. High-quality solid beam

The lamp which you have chosen that will have to be a high-quality solid beam. You want to be able to observe that what you are shooting.  Using anything under 50w it is not wise technique. You should search for lamps marked ‘1 million candle powers which is best. The usage of red filter lens manually is as well great idea for you, if you have prepared a plan to go lamping with your air rifle on the similar field a little times.

4. Necessary steps of lamping

The professional hare exterminators give preference to use a high-capacity spot light while they go lamping with rifles. It means they don’t need to leave their vehicle they can use it by just sitting there and get benefits of shooting bunnies similarity they were in a barrel. But if you are not professional or not have a lot of expertise in this field, you may need full of care and confidence for searching the field, looking for that flash hare eyes that look like a ruby.

  • The initial step to lamping is being capable to fire:
    You can take your time gunfire at an aim until you are proficient to strike your target approximately without being unsuccessful. After that you might require to ensure the land where you plan to fire on throughout the day. This is where are number of beginners go away wrongly. It is all too simple to miss significant landmarks and shooting obstruction at night. A survey throughout the day does speculate.
  • Examine the area with full of care:
    You should start out on a blustery and dim night and you may require waiting downwind for best result of where you consider that there is abundance of bunnies. The primary places to search at close to hedge lines, ditches and forestry region. You must examine the area slowly not in hurry with the help of your light until you observe the presence of flash light emit form rabbit’s eye.
  • Don’t try to targeting the beam directly at the rabbit:
    This is where lamping with rifles get difficult. If you are hunting with your friend holding the light, you should not try to targeting the beam directly at the rabbit. When the light strike the hare, it will become disturb and can run away. In the case of connecting lamp to your air rifle, you may require to target it at the bunny to. Consequently once you are ensure to your target, you will have to target rapidly and shoot in an accurate away.
  • Take help form experts:
    Once you are become successful to make your shot, your usual nature might be to head over to your slay. If you perform there is a possibility you will spook off anything else in the region. The simply cause to go to a shot aim is if it requests to be dispatched. It’s unkind behavior to leave an animal pain and can still be prohibited. For best hunting technique, you must take help form the expert person in order to do successful hunting in the most dangerous areas of South Africa.


It is required to set up your air gun before going for lamping. It is silly heading out without your sights set. You must carry an extra battery; you will be gutted if you have to cut a journey little. Using lamping is best in the darkest of nights. It is best to hunt at cloudy night because at that time you can hunt more bunnies easily. Shooting is a quite unsafe activity throughout the day, as a result all the similar rules apply but with additional care.


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