be the hunter

Hunting might just be your passion or you may be a die hard hunter, but the fact remains that hunting wild animals is never without risks. Hunting is an adventure and most people go for it with proper preparation. However, it is always worth reminding ourselves the things that help us be safe is something unexpected happens.

Here are the lists of important safety tips which will ensure that you remain a hunter and don’t become a game yourself.

be the hunter

Plan in advance

May it be hunting or any other thing that you embark upon to do, a detailed planning of the tasks at hand, and how to accomplish them is always a better option and ensures that the task is done well in time and yield the desired result. However, when it comes to hunting wild animals the planning may not that be easy. While planning, ensure that your safety remains priority at all cost.

  • Study your game: before you embark on a journey to kill your game study it thoroughly. It is always easy to hunt if you know habits of your prey. Important things to pay attention to are – its food habit, time of the day of maximum activity, whether they are solitary animals or move in groups, etc. All this research about your prey will pay off when you will be in the process to kill. You will be able to predict the time of arrival and thus be well prepared in advance.
  • Plan for the worst: Like any other adventure sport, hunting is also unpredictable and things can go wrong beyond your control. So be prepared to face the worst. It is important that you check the weather forecast in advance and choose a favourable day. It is also important to inform your kith and kin about your plans and the hunting ground you are to visit. This ensures that in case of distress someone is able to locate you quickly and reach to you as soon as possible. Inform them about your plans and days or hours of planned stay in the hunting ground and the animal you will after. Do not forget to keep your kits handy and carry some extra food and medical kits along which may be your only help in case of distress or emergency.
  • Choose your best gun: Hunting is not just about knowing your prey and having the dare to kill. It is also about patience, concentration and staying focused even in dangerous situations. The moment you lose your focus, you can lose your prey and in worst case meet some accident. So be sure that you know gun well and have good practice to shoot it at aim. Being in tune with your gun ensures that you fire well at aim even in case of distress and don not meet any accident due to gun mishaps. Your best gun is naturally the one which has good range, is handy and you are familiar with. Carry enough bullets, other handy arms and ropes. These may be required if you are caught in distress.
  • Pay attention to your clothing: Hunting should be treated like any other sport and thus the dress you wear while on hunting expedition must be so as to fulfil the needs. Wear clothes you are comfortable in and can run, climb and jump easily. Pay special attention to your shoes or boots and choose them wisely according to the needs of your hunting ground. While choosing your shoes keep in mind the terrain of your hunting ground. Carrying a set of extra dry clothing and rain gear is a must. If you intend to take your dog along make sure to arrange a orange coloured cap for it. It will help you find your dag with easy. Avoid wearing white colour dress in deer seasons.

Be the hunter, hunting clothing

  • Know your hunting ground well: Study the area of your hunting ground in advance and keep a map of the area. Have a visit in the vicinity of your hunting ground well in advance. This will help you plan your escape plan if things go wrong. Planning your hunting expedition in advance and in writing, and leaving a copy of it your jeep and home is also recommended. Mention clearly time and date of your expedition and return and stick to it.
  • Things to keep in mind while hunting: Once your prey is in front of your eyes and within the shooting range, it is important that you don’t lose your focus and maintain your spatial map. If you are above a hunting ladder, remember its dimensions and ensure that you don’t fall off. If required you can you strap to hold you with the hunting ladder. Once the game is in sight aim well and then shoot. Choose and mark your prey well in advance before you aim at it. If you are on a trail keep in mind the area in which you can move. This will prevent accidents and ensure that your prey is killed. Once the prey is killed, do not hurry towards it. Watch out for other potential threats and wait patiently if required.
  • Keep a backup plan ready: Things can go wrong any moment. In such cases you must be prepared about the actions you need to take. If you are with your own car, keep keys handy. In case you have other back up plan like using a boat, it is always good to plan the route you will take to reach there. Your planned route should be the one with easy terrain and shortest possible route. However, one should also plan an alternate route to reach the means to escape.

Above all it is always advised to give first priority to your health on a hunting expedition. If you are not feeling well or suffer some injury ensure that you never postpone your medical first aid. If you are not feeling well and in sound health just quit the plan if required. This ensures that you remain alive to come back again.


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