shooting safetyOne of the most crucial things in any hunting expedition or shooting party is the gun that the hunter uses. Although there are numerous options available for hunting, but in most of the states you must have the appropriate hunting gun. The gun that you can purchase for your hunting expedition then of course depends on the state you want to hunt in and on the gun that you are familiar with. In certain cases the choice of a gun also depends on the game you want to hunt on your hunting expedition. Rifles, Shotguns, handguns, air rifles and air pistols are most popular guns available for hunting. While air rifles and air pistols have in use since almost last two centuries, they are banned in certain sates. Thus, before you pick your gun and go on a hunting expedition, it is important that you learn the basics of using the specific type of the gun, and know about its assault capabilities.

Most common firearms that are available as common hunting weapons:

  • Rifles in this category are the best hunting arms that you can go for. The biggest benefit of the rifles is that being shoulder fired guns fitted with rifled barrels they are the most accurate weapons to kill your game. Moreover, these are available in wide range and can be used for killing both big and small games. While center fire rifles are used to kill big game species, .22 long rifles are used to hunt down other smaller species.
  • Apart from rifles, shotguns are also a good choice when it comes to hunting down a big game species. Shotguns provide an additional benefit of being highly capable of firing multiple shots to kill the prey. This advantage over rifles is however experienced more when one needs to shoot down a fast moving game. Although they are less accurate than the rifles they provide relatively much ease in killing animals in short range.
  • These days even hand guns are gaining wide popularity as firearms used for hunting expeditions. However, using a handgun to kill a prey requires much practice. Being hand held they require more energy and strength in arms to handle the recoil offered by it while shooting. Shooting hand guns can fire powerful cartridge and may even be equipped with pointers of telescopes.
  • Even revolvers are gaining market as common hunting weapons. Modernised revolvers are single barrelled but multi chambered and are designed to be accurate. This reduces their expense and weight. Revolvers are thus nowadays gaining popularity. However, like any other hand held firearm, they require practise to be used as a hunting weapon.
  • Air Rifles and Air pistols are primarily used for hunting small games like squirrels, rabbits and water birds. However large bore air rifles, which have been modified to kill big games, are not allowed in some states.

You may purchase any firearm to hunt down your game, but ensure that it is appropriate to carry out the job and that you have proper knowledge of its working and maintenance. It is also important that you just not only know about the weapon you deal with but also have mastery in using it, this includes firing accurate shots in the desired range.

firearm safetyAlong with purchasing any weapon, whatever purpose may it be supposed to fulfil, comes a great responsibility. The user needs to ensure that he and others are not hurt by any mishaps occurring during its use. It is thus wise to remember the gun safety rules and to practice it. Being a shooter and a hunter it is also your duty to ensure that others nearby are also not violating the rules. Moreover, it is also advised to ensure your safety. Using earplugs and eye wears are the thus as important as following the gun safety rules. For your convenience the gun rules are mentioned below.

Ensure that you follow these at all times.

  • Know your gun and its potential: It is important to have proper mindset when dealing with guns. It is also important to follow the gun safety rules. However, these comes with the realisation that how lethal your weapon is. It is thus important to know that the calibre of your gun, its range, and the potentials of the ammunitions or the gun powder used. Sometimes, even the blanks of the cartridges can be dangerous.
  • Keep your gun empty while storing: Storing a gun and the cartridges is an important aspect of gun safety and ensuring that no accident happens in your absence. Keep your gun blank while storing and ensure that it is properly locked. It is also a good idea to keep the gun and the cartridges in different places.
  • Carry only empty guns: While carrying the gun to the hunting expeditions or shooting parties, ensure that it is empty. Keep it empty in the camp and parties, and load only when you are prepared to shoot.
  • Keep the muzzle pointed away from the crowd and other people: When loaded and even when unloaded, make it a habit to keep the muzzle of your gun pointed in safe direction. It is wrong practice to point the muzzle in the direction of the crowd or other people. Making this your habit will ensure that even is the gun is accidently fired no one is ever hurt.
  • Be sure of the target before you pull the trigger: t is advised to load the gun after you are sure that you wish to fire. It is also important that you point your muzzle in some specific direction only after you are sure of the target. Even after you finally point the muzzle towards the target ensure that no one is in that direction. Finally put your hands on the trigger only after you are ready to shoot and sure about the target.
  • Follow these don’t: It is important that you never climb the tree of other surfaces with the loaded gun, never shoot at the hard surfaces or water surface, and never mix alcohol and gun powder.
  • Do not neglect your safety: Most people after getting a gun in hand feel on top of the world and neglect their safety. It is important that you always wear earplugs and eye care glasses while you shoot your final shot.


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