Frequently Asked Questions about Riflescopes

There will always be things that you would like to know about riflescopes especially if you are going to purchase for the first time. By getting the answers to frequently asked questions, you will understand how riflescopes work and at the same time, you will be given the help that you need. Without further ado, here are the frequently asked questions about riflescopes.

1. What is the proper riflescope magnification for various situations?
2. What is a riflescope reticle?
3. What is parallax?
4. How can parallax be resolved?
5. Are there some benefits that can be achieved with the use of AO lens?
6. What is the weakest link in the riflescope shooting system?
7. How long is the battery life of a riflescope?
8. Will wearing glasses make a difference with the use of riflescopes?
9. What is the most common culprit of misalignment of riflescopes?
10. Which one is better, halogen or LED?
11. What are large eyepiece diameters for?
12. Is there a need for the lenses to be coated?
13. When sighting, do both eyes have to be opened?
14. Is the quality of the riflescope important?
15. Are all riflescopes the same?

Hopefully with all of the things that you have learned about riflescopes based on the frequently asked questions with answers mentioned above, you will be able to choose the right riflescope for you.

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