If you have decided to hunt the bear, it is quiet stalk hunting and requires a high level expertise’s in the field of hunting. It is essential for the hunters to utilize their hunting abilities and their life time experience in the field. During this job hunter must require necessary and suitable hunting equipment for the hunting trip. In the case of hunting from an elevated tree stand, the certified security guidance is strongly recommended for this purpose. You should remain cunning while stalking bear because they are rapidly troubled by any actions and can vanish. They can easily detect movement of weapons or arms. So as a hunter you must remain calm and move very quietly.

bear hunting

Top 6 bear hunting tips

1. Bear has greater sense of smell:

Bears are able to detect smells emit from human body form huge distances. You must use the scent covers in order to mask your odor. Avoid form using of petrol, pet scent, tobacco smoke and engine exhaust before going for bear hunting because the smell can infuse clothing and can alert the prey. A black bear can easily smell 2100 times better than a human. A mature bear can smell your mealtime from 20 miles away in the right direction of wind. A big bear has greater sense of smell than smaller bears.

2. Awareness of appropriate gaming rule:

A part forms this you must have greater awareness of appropriate gaming rule. You should get proper gaming license before going for bear hunting. As a hunter it is your responsibility to be cautious and remain within limitations. Some countries has very restricted law about hunting such as it is prohibited to shoot a female bear that has cubs, so be careful about the all rules and regulation about your hunting area.

3. Clothing choice for bear hunting:

The most essential point is your clothing for bear hunting. You must be ready for all types of weather condition. Mostly bear hunting takes place in fall and spring season which are most susceptible seasons. You must use the good quality shoes that can keep your feet warm and dry. Select the clothing made of fleece because it is perfect to keep you warm and it is not noisily cloth particularly during bow hunting. You must try to use the water proof cloth. Also use the mesh gloves and head net. Keep in mind that your cloth and all accessories must against unnatural smell.

4. Best techniques of bear baiting:

You should be familiar with about bears; the more possible you are to set your bait in accurate place. The home range of black bear distance from two to 10 miles and resident populations frequently grasp a diversity of boars, cubs and snows, so it is not unusual to have several bears come to your place. smaller bears can easily become the prey of your bait in the early part of the season. Keep in mind that black bears have comparatively poor eyesight, but excellent olfactory and hearing senses. Once they find a taste of your bait, only if it is refill reliability, they will be unwilling to leave the area. Bait should be positioned beside a bear’s usual movement way. Bruins associate in separate areas where food is accessible. A lot timbered woods close to agricultural lands frequently maintain more bear densities. By cereal crops similar to oats close, black bears help the convenience and plenty of such hunts and repeatedly exist in nearness.

  • Bait position can be easy or compound:

You should try to use a 50 gallon drum sequence to a tree. The barrel can be cribbed with firewood and brushwood to make sure the bear move toward form the front and present an excellent shot angle. Through cutting a little six inch diameter gap at the bottom, you will make sure the bears are able to excavate food out a slight at a time. Attempt to choose a place location no extra than 20 yards away, preferably in a neat tree. The evening is the confirmed time to stumble upon bears on bait.

  • Bears tempt by the odor of a meal:

It is fact that scent can become your worst enemy or your friend. Bears can easily tempt by the odor of a meal, but they can detect of your shoes track, in the result you can lose your prey. It is essential for you to keep your footwear and clothing as smell free as likely.

  • A double lung shot is best choice:

When and anywhere to shoot can mean the dissimilarity among measure slay and a potentially unsafe stumble upon. You should try to stay until the bear is concerned with the bait and is opposite away as standing attack or quartering away.  Bears are very dangerous; consequently a double lung shot is forever your greatest choice.

5. Bear calling techniques:

There are many calls that are specifically designed for bears; the most common is predator calls are enough to attract bears. They major point to calling bears is to call in a continuously way until the animals is inside firing range because when you stop calling, the bear will discontinue forthcoming. There is one major delusion about bear calling is that you try to make carping sounds similar to a sow in heat, this is not good way to catch the attention of the boars. It is not fact; bears are not very verbal animals. The bear caller should stay at it for 20 to 30 minutes. You must just keep on calling and the bear will continue on coming. In the case of keep on your calling, you will be astonished to find a bear position six feet in front of you.

6. Use the right hunting gears:

Are you ready for bear hunting? If so, you will require the right hunting gear. The use of proper gear at right time is best to help you in calm and proficient manner. You will be ready for any circumstances at can happen. You should carry the all necessary gears with you in order to avoid from any dangerous condition.  In the situation of hunting with rifle, you must use the enough power for performing this kind of job such as you can use the .30 caliber range which is best and very secure initial point. Magnum round and heavy shot ammunition is also an extremely cooperative. Actually a bear is a big animal to overthrow. Usually they sly in timber and at comparatively short rang, big caliber, average mechanical cartridges possibly built-in. Cartridges in the .257 Roberts, .243 Winchester, 6mm Remington, and .30/30 Winchester class are a modest smaller below extra hunting circumstances, but will execute at close range.


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